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Amy Allan: Ultimate Bio, Age, Husband, Career and More!

All your questions answered about Amy Allan: Bio, Age, Husband, Career and More!

Amy Allan Overview

One could say that Amy Allan walks the walk and talks the talk. After all, she is a real-life paranormal investigator who made her own television show – Dead FilesInvolving Amy and former NYPD detective Steve DiSchiavi who work to solve real-life murder cases that are linked to possible paranormal activities, it was first aired on September 23, 2011. Early in Amy Allan’s life, she had the ability to see the supernatural.

Before she rose to stardom with her television show, she attended collegiate school at the University of Arizona where she pursued a degree in psychology. She also took minor television roles; however, her role in Dead Files would be the key to her stardom.  At the university where Allan studied, she met her mentor, the famous parapsychologist, Dr. William Roll, and it is from him that she honed her skills as a paranormal investigator.

Amy Allan was born in Colorado on May 31, 1973, and is now 46-years-old this 2020.

What is the nationality of Amy Allan?

Amy Allan was born in Denver, Colorado in the United States. This means that Amy Allan is an American.

How tall is Amy Allan and how much does she weigh?

Although there is nothing that says how tall Amy Allan is, she appears quite tall on television. She may well be around 5 feet and 7 to 9 inches tall. Also, her weight may well be in the range of 140 to 155 pounds.

Is Amy Allan married or single?

Amy is currently married to her second husband, Rob Traegler.

How much is Amy Allan’s net worth?

With her earnings from the much-followed and watched Dead Files, Amy Allan has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

How many kids does Amy Allan have?

Amy Allan has been married twice. She didn’t have any children in her first marriage with Matthew Anderson. Currently, she is enjoying her relationship with her relatively new husband, and they have no children.

Why did Amy Allan and Matt divorce?

Amy Allan’s first husband goes by the name Matthew Anderson or Matt. Although their marriage seemed to be okay, Amy later confirmed news of her divorce from Matt. She confirmed this on her Twitter account – “Met Matt for breakfast, then to the divorce lawyer with us. Then some beauty time cause I am a mess”. From reports of her divorce, it was said that irreconcilable differences is the primary cause of their separation.

Who is Amy Allan married to?

A few years after her divorce from Matt, Amy Allan dated Rob Traegler, a movie director. Rob is a production associate for The Dr. Phil Show. Amy and Rob met at the production set of Amy’s show Dead Files, and shared marriage vows last October 31, 2018.

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