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Maleficent Cosplay Costumes of 2021

Discover your inner Maleficent

With her voluminous wings and two gorgeous crowning horns, Maleficent is undoubtedly a remarkable fairy and mistress of evil. Maleficent, as played by Angelina Jolie in the progressive retelling of the classic fairy tale, is a character that is nuanced and complex. As her goddaughter Aurora narrates, Maleficent is “both the villain and the hero” of the story. With very small effort, you can cosplay this magnificent character with the help of this Maleficent costume guide. 

Who is Maleficent?

In the reimagining of Charles Perrault’s and Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent’s character has been turned from an inherently evil villain into a magical, powerful fairy. She is the sole protector of a peaceful kingdom called the Moors, a home to a variety of mystical and fairy-like creatures. Her kingdom is a colorful world of forests and vines that is hidden from a king fueled by greed and his bellicose army. The power-hungry king plans to purge the fantastical creatures that are more powerful than his army combined, and to get hold of the Moors, he sends Stefan, a human and Maleficent’s true love, to steal her wings in exchange to becoming his heir. 

Blinded with rage, Maleficent vowed to protect her magical realm with an evil and dark magic. Seeking vengeance against King Stefan a few years later, Maleficent puts a curse on an infant Aurora: at the age of 16, the princess will prick her finger on a spinning wheel spindle before the sun sets. Princess Aurora and her whole kingdom will fall into a death-like sleep, from which only a true love’s kiss can awaken her. Over the years, Maleficent has grown to love the princess as her goddaughter. Regretting her decision, Maleficent seeks to undo the curse with her magic. Failing to do so, she remorsefully kisses Aurora’s forehead, which fulfills the true love’s kiss antidote to the spell.  

Be as powerful and regal as the Mistress of Evil with the help of a carefully curated Maleficent costume. If you need more inspiration, don’t forget to take a look at our featured items.

How to Look Like Maleficent?

Maleficent, in the revisionist take of a classic story, is a smart intervention that upends centuries of despotic notions about women. 

To get the styling of the titular dark and magnificent fairy in the films, you can use massive wings and crowning black horns. Don’t forget to wear a black gown and match it with gloves, high-heel boots, and a ring. To further capture the full look, bring along a glowing staff and put on some face paint.  


Maleficent Costume Buying Guide

Cosplaying Maleficent will surely capture everyone’s attention. And with the help of our costume guide meant for all sizes, you can put together this look with no effort at all. 

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Be regal and look as powerful as the mistress of evil by getting a Maleficent gown costume, gigantic horns, voluminous wings, a pair of high heel boots, gloves, and a ring. Don’t forget to add a feather flying crow as your trusted ally and a deluxe glowing staff to complete your costume. If you’d like to create your own props, a great material to use is eva foam. For a guide on how to make your own maleficent horns, click here.

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