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Who is Ursula?

Hailed by many film critics as one of the most frightening female villains to ever appear on the big screen, the sea witch Ursula, though vengeful and inherently wicked, is also one of the most satisfying female icons whose only real goal is to put an end to an under-the-sea version of what is clearly a patriarchal society.

Ruining the magical love story between the wide-eyed and naive mermaid princess Ariel and the human prince Eric is never really Ursula’s endgame in the first place. Instead, it’s just one of her power moves to get the upper hand in the protracted game of thrones battle between her and King Triton to take over Atlantica for good. “She may be the key to Triton’s undoing,” she says upon seeing Ariel for the first time.

How to Look Like Ursula

For a villain who first made waves on the big screen in the 1989 Disney classic film, it is clear that the styling of Ursula is well thought out. Her character design is that of an octopus with six tentacles. Her appearance is also heavily inspired by the beautiful drag queen, Divine. This makes Ursula one of the easiest and most fun villains to cosplay. 

Clad in black clothing, fabulous makeup, and stylish accessories, Ursula is definitely one elegant classic villain people love to cosplay. As a definitive anti-hero, Ursula is truly disturbing and menacing for an octopus sea witch. She creeps around in the deep and dark ocean layer of her cavern waiting for poor, unfortunate souls that she can trap into binding deals in which she can profit from once those deals are broken. 


Ursula Costume Buying Guide

We’ve scoured and reviewed the top Ursula costumes and selected the best ones just for you. We’ve also looked into the top Ursula costumes to provide you with the most accurate sizing charts and information.  

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Best Ursula Costumes & Accessoriesof 2021

If you’d prefer to put together your own Ursula costume, all you need to get is a women’s black dress layered over a purple long sleeve shirt. For an in depth guide on how to make Ursula’s tentacles, click here. Of course, don’t forget to grab a woman’s short wig in light silver or platinum blonde.

For styling, get her fabulous makeup look with a purple body paint and a luscious red lipstick to outline your devilish grin.

Covering your eyebrows is a technique used by drag queens to obtain a fresh canvas in order to draw on new eyebrows, you might want to do this to achieve the ultimate Ursula look. Add on some turquoise eye shadow, a good layering of jet black eyeliner and mascara, and put on your scarlet nails. For accessories, all you have got to do is to wear purple seashell earrings and a conch pendant. Ask friends to dress up as your trusted minions Flotsam and Jetsam to complete your look.

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