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Android 18 Cosplay Costumes of 2021

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Who is Android 18?

Android 18 was kidnapped along with her brother by Dr. Gero, who experimented on their body to create killing machines against the Z-fighters. Because of her genetic modifications, she had no difficulty sparring with them especially with Vegeta who, despite being in Super Saiyan form, had his arm broken in just one kick.

They would have succeeded had it not been for Future Trunks’ interference and Android 16’s activation. She went on to kill her own creator out of hatred for modifying them against their will.

She eventually married Krillin and had a daughter named Marron. Her personality after their marriage was a stark contrast to the cold and calculating Android 18 that viewers were introduced to. Think you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan? Check out these facts about Krillin and Android 18’s relationship that only REAL fans know.

How to look like Android 18

Her iconic blonde shoulder-length straight cut hair that she tucks behind her left ear makes her easily identifiable out of all the female characters in the franchise. Her blue eyes are also a noticeable feature, as well as her prominent lashes and thin arched eyebrows. If you don’t have blue eyes, you can instantly achieve this with contact lenses!

Small hoop earrings and a pearl necklace are important accessories that she almost always wears, which can be an easy fix with the number of similar-looking accessories available.


Android 18 Cosplay Buying Guide

We’ve reviewed the best Android 18 cosplay according to customer reviews. Accurate information and sizing charts are also available, so no need to worry if it fits because you can choose the perfect Android 18 costume for you!

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Dragon Ball Z Costumes

When her chamber was activated, she was already wearing a sleeveless blue denim vest and skirt (with the Red Ribbon logo on the back of the vest), dark blue tights, a brown belt, brown boots, black sleeveless shirt and a white striped undershirt.

When she appeared at the Kame House, she was wearing a sleeveless washed denim vest, white pants, red hoop earrings, a red bracelet on her left wrist, and black slippers. Her outfits are quite easy to find and replicate. So far, the only customization that you need is the Red Ribbon logo, but everything else is quick to find and easy to wear during conventions.

Dragon Ball Super Costumes

She wears an indigo raglan shirt with violet sleeves, silver hoop earrings, brown belt, and denim capri jeans. Her socks are now white and her flats are blue. She also wears a pearl necklace with a thunder pendant, which can be easily created with polymer clay. When she joined the Tournament of Power in the Universe Survival saga, she now sports a pink tracksuit and grey shoes with white soles.

Dragon Ball GT Costumes

She now wears a red long sleeve turtleneck shirt, silver hoop earrings, pearl necklace, and loose black high-waisted pants. Her short blonde hair is also tucked behind her ears, opting for a slick look. Throughout the Super 17 saga, she dons a purple business suit with a pink short sleeved undershirt, gold earrings, pearl necklace, and red shoes. Her hair is now in a shorter pixie cut style.
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