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Goku Cosplay Costumes of 2021

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Goku is arguably the most influential – and quite possibly the strongest character that ever graced anime history. His signature Kamehameha and iconic Super Saiyan form is easily distinguished even by non-anime fans, and that says something about his legacy as an anime character. If you decided to cosplay as this overpowered hero, then read our guide and find out how to achieve the best Goku cosplay!

Who is Goku?

The son of Saiyans Bardock and Gine, Goku was originally named as Kakarot and was sent from his home planet to conquer Earth, but eventually forgot his mission due to a head injury. Gohan adopted him and taught him martial arts when he was young. 

One of the major plot points in the series is his quest to gather all seven dragon Balls that summons the great Shenron, a wish-granting dragon. Eventually, he undergoes immense training to be the strongest, and prevent a number of villains from destroying the universe, many of whom are also looking for the Dragon Balls and use it for their own selfish gain. 

How to look like Goku?

Perhaps his most identifying feature is his hair. His black hair has three bangs swept to the right and two on the left. To achieve Goku’s hairstyle, featuring four spikes up in the front and three bangs at the back, you may need to cut and style your wig.

When he is in Super Saiyan form, his black hair changes into a golden color. His bangs are parted a little bit to the left, with two bigger fringes on the right and two smaller ones on the left. All of his hair is spiked up, signifying the upward energy coursing through his body when he transforms. In his Super Saiyan Blue form, his hair turns to blue along with his energy.


Goku Cosplay Buying Guide

We’ve reviewed the best Goku cosplay according to customer reviews. Worried about the size? We prepared an accurate sizing chart and information so you can get the perfect Goku costume.

Find The Top 5 Best Goku Costumes of 2021

Turtle School Gi from King Kai

Goku wears different varieties of gi throughout the series, but his classic orange-and-blue ensemble is no doubt the most distinguishable clothing that he has ever worn. This classic outfit is a combination of a blue short sleeved undershirt with a sleeveless orange gi, tied in the middle with a blue obi. His trousers are tucked inside his blue boots with a yellow border and red laces. He also wears a pair of blue wristbands.

Probably the most important customization in this outfit is the Turtle School’s Kanji on the front and King Kai’s Kanji on the back, which completes the whole attire.

Oftentimes his outfit gets severely torn especially when he’s in Saiyan mode, revealing his upper body and leaving only his trousers intact. When you’re opting for this effect, always pair the golden Saiyan wig. If you want to go full Super Saiyan Blue, leave the blue undershirt, but with the sleeves torn out, and partner it with the blue Saiyan wig.

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