Recreate Your Cosplay Character: How to Do Face Taping

Recreate Your Cosplay Character: How to Do Face Taping

Face tape is a lot different from your normal adhesive products since it’s specially formulated to be used on the skin. By using this product, you can have a sharper eye shape, create a more angular jawline, or minimize a double chin. If you’re a cosplayer, you can use the face taping technique to achieve an accurate representation of your chosen cosplay character. Check out these face taping before and after photos posted by a fellow cosplayer! If you think face taping is for you, then here are some useful tips for beginners:


Using the Right Kind of Tape

When it comes to face taping for cosplays, you must choose products that are safe to use on the skin. This means you should not be using masking tape, duct tape, or any kind of tape that is not meant to be used on human skin. Face tapes are usually expensive, although many people look for cheaper alternatives that are still safe to use. The most popular tape that cosplayers use is medical tape. If you want to use products that are specifically made for face taping, you can visit cosplay supply stores, which often carry a range of face tapes.


Wig Caps and Measurements

Use a stocking-type of wig cap to help the tape stick better and ensure that it will hold for several hours. You also have to measure the tape before cutting it to make sure that you’ll have the right amount and avoid wasting the product. View our guide on how to put on wig cap before you begin face taping, as hair can easily get stuck to the tape and cause pain during your convention, and no one wants that!


Tape Placement and Effects

Before using face tape, take some time to practice in front of a mirror. Explore different placements to know how you can achieve the look that you want. For example, if you apply the tape along the sides of your eyebrows, you can give your eyes a sharper look. 

If you tape right over your eyebrows and bring them up to your forehead, you can create a more rounded eye look. Just make sure to not create any skin folds that might create blisters in the long run. Of course, see to it that your eyebrows can still move (or at least ensure that they feel comfortable) even when you have face tape on. 

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