Up Your Cosplay Game! Tips on Concealing Eyebrows

Up Your Cosplay Game! Tips on Concealing Eyebrows

You’ve probably noticed that anime characters tend to have a unique and intense eyebrow style, which is usually impossible to mimic without altering a person’s natural eyebrow. This is why it is a common practice for cosplayers to do eyebrow concealing. Listed below are some tips to help you level up when it comes to your cosplay makeup.

Tip Number 1

Start with a clean, moisturized, and primed face. Use a non-toxic, water-based glue stick, which you can find in any craft store or school supplies. Elmer’s Glue is known to work particularly well. Work the glue stick up and down your eyebrows, making sure to cover each and every nook and cranny with the glue. Let it dry and repeat the process until you get smooth brows.

If you find that you don’t like the glue stick method, you can either use liquid concealer or spirit gum if you want it to last the whole day.

Tip Number 2

You can use a color corrector to cancel out the color of your natural brows. Opt for a green or orange concealer to cancel out the blue tones of your real eyebrow hair.

Tip Number 3

Make sure to set every layer of glue or concealer with a translucent powder to make it last longer. By following these tips, concealing your eyebrows for cosplay should be quite easy!

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