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Wig Care 101: Hassle-free Wig Detangling Steps

Wig Care 101: Hassle-free Wig Detangling Steps

The thing that frustrates wig owners the most is the fact that no matter what type of wig they own, it will always succumb to the problem of becoming a tangled mess. No matter what kind of wig you have–whether it’s synthetic hair, real human hair, or a cosplay wig–sooner or later, it’s going to look terrible and you’ll need to untangle it. But first, let us understand why wigs get tangled in the first place:

1. Wigs are dryer than real human hair

Our scalp produces natural oils that help our help avoid becoming dry. Wig hair, however, does not come with a scalp and the hair strands lack moisture and oils.

2. Synthetic and harmful chemicals and materials

For synthetic and plastic wigs, the covering of the fibers is made from polymer, plastics, and other chemicals and materials that can be prone to tangling.

3. Constant rubbing and sweat

If the hairpiece is long and has a tendency to rub against clothing, costumes, or even your bare skin, then it is highly prone to tangling once it is stored.

4. Age and wear-and-tear

There is virtually no brand or type of wig that will last you a lifetime without the proper care. The fibers will wear out and become matted over time.

5. Damage from improper styling

Heat, hair products, and incorrect care and styling will tangle and damage wigs.

How to detangle a wig:

You should wash your wig every five times of use or so to prevent it from getting tangled. Wash the wig using warm water. Avoid soaking it in liquid.

Wash it with a shampoo designed for wigs. Use your normal conditioner.  (If you don’t have wig shampoo, another alternative is washing your wig with fabric softener, check it out!) 

While washing, use a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush (depending on the difficulty of the tangled parts) to slowly and carefully comb through the strands. Make sure to begin from the bottom or the end strands and make your way slowly to the roots, carefully avoiding the lace or net area. 

Rinse the hairpiece completely and pat it dry. Put it on a wig head or stand for air drying. Once it is completely dried, you can take a hair iron or curling iron and straighten or curl it as needed. 

Finished washing and ready to cut and style? We have in depth guides for both, check them out:

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