Cosplay Makeup 101: Tips for Recreating Cute Anime Eyes

Cosplay Makeup 101: Tips for Recreating Cute Anime Eyes

Cosplaying a character involves obtaining intricate costumes, cool weapons, amazing armor, and nice wigs. It also involves using colored contact lenses and makeup to recreate the character’s eyes, which come in different shapes, designs, colors, and sizes. Looking for general anime makeup tips? Take a look at how to do anime makeup.

If you want to start cosplaying, or if you’re already a cosplayer and are working on a new character, you can use the tips and tricks below to mimic anime eyes with the help of makeup:

Basic Steps in Recreating Anime Eyes:

  • Wear your colored contacts first.
  •  Cover your eyebrows using Elmer’s Glue. Make a new one with eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil depending on your character.
  •  Create a fake eyelid crease using eyeliner and eyeshadow. Place this new crease slightly higher than your natural crease.
  • Use eyeliner to create the shape of your cosplay character’s eyes.
  • Add false lashes for a greater impact.

Tip #1 – Using concealer

Concealers can be used to hide your real eyebrows along with the glue stick method. You can also use a concealer when brightening the area around your eyes and your eyelids. Some cosplayers use a white concealing stick to make an illusion that the eye is bigger. 

Tip #2 – Eyeliner

When recreating an anime character’s makeup using eyeliner, you must first practice creating the shape of the eyes. You should also see if you’re more comfortable with using a pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner. A beige or white eyeliner can be used on your waterline to make it seem bigger like an anime character. When using black eyeliner, it is best to use a waterproof one so it won’t smudge or move around. This is particularly important when using a wig that will cause you to sweat and when you go to convention venues that lack proper air-conditioning. 

Tip #3 – False Eyelashes

False eyelashes help you create the illusion of having bigger eyes. You can use fake eyelashes as they are and place them on top of your normal lashes, but you can also use individual lashes to add more volume to the outer side of the eyes and create a longer lash line. You can likewise use bottom lashes to make a new lower eyelid, thus creating an illusion of having bigger eyes. 

Tip #4 – Lash Mascara

If you plan to cosplay for the whole day, it is encouraged to use waterproof mascara to avoid smudging. You can also use a primer for your mascara to make your lashes appear thicker.  When you use fake eyelashes, never forget to use mascara to blend your natural eyelashes with the faux.

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