Tips for Cosplay Crafting: Making DIY Masks

Tips for Cosplay Crafting: Making DIY Masks

Masks are great costume accessories for various events but, in cosplay, they are popular props that are used by many cosplayers. Making masks for cosplay can be done using advanced crafting materials like Worbla, resin, clay, and other components. However, if you are a beginner cosplayer, you might want to make your own mask. This is an inexpensive yet still highly effective alternative that allows you to complete your cosplay costume without spending too much.  

Here are some common steps for making a DIY cosplay mask:

Step 1 – Making the pattern

Since a mask has curved surfaces, working with EVA foam and other flat materials can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a heat gun. You can work around this, though, by creating flat pieces of foam and piecing them together to form curved surfaces. You can create a pattern for these pieces all by yourself, but there are also many patterns on the Internet that you can download for free. If you want to make your own pattern, you first have to create your own head form using plastic wrap, styrofoam, or even paper mache. Once you’ve got your head form, a great site for cosplay templates is 

Step 2 – Making a sturdy base

Once you have a pattern cut out, you should make a sturdy base for your mask using paper mache. You can use paper, white glue that is diluted in water, and a balloon. Mix the paper and diluted glue to create paper mache, then blow up the balloon (make sure that it’s approximately the size of your head). Cover the balloon with paper mache and let it sit. When your paper mache has fully dried, you can pop the balloon and cut out your mask base.

Your paper mache base can become even sturdier if you use materials like wall plaster or paint.  By making your base as durable as possible, your mask will become more realistic and you can handle and wear it without worrying that it will lose its shape.

Step 3 – Decorating the mask.

You can use almost anything on your mask depending on what the character’s mask looks like.  You can use paint, stones, or anything your cosplay character requires. The most important note here is you need to set the paint with a transparent varnish so it won’t smudge.

Looking for something else?  We have tutorials on how to make cosplay armor and cosplay weapons!

Find a few of the most popular mask tutorials below:

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