Crafting for Cosplay: Making Cute No-Sew Cat Ears From Scratch

Crafting for Cosplay: Making Cute No-Sew Cat Ears From Scratch

Feline-inspired characters are quite popular in anime and among cosplayers. If you want to dress up as any of these characters, you can follow these steps to make cat ears that don’t require any sewing:

1# Prepare your materials, which include the following: a glue gun, glue stick, any kind of paper, pencil, headband or hair clips, and faux fur fabric in two colors of your choice (preferably a dark color and a light one). You can also get ribbons or gems for decoration, although they’re optional. Alternatively, cat ears can also be made from EVA foam, check it out! 

2# On one piece of paper, draw some cat-ear shapes that resemble a triangle. Draw two ears for the outer fabric and another two for the inner fabric.

3# Trace all of your patterns on the back of your faux fur fabric. Make sure to use two different colors. For example, you can use pink for the inner part of the cat ears and black for the outer part.

4# After tracing your patterns, you can begin to cut out each of them. Remember to start cutting around 2 cm away from the pattern line. This will serve as an allowance for when you stick the two fabrics together. Make sure to trim the excess faux fur to give your cat ears a neat appearance.

5# Attach the two fabrics together using hot glue. Turn the fabrics inside out to reveal the almost finished product.

6# Apply hot glue to the base of each ear and attach a hair clip. You can also glue the ears to a plastic headband if you prefer. Stick on gems, charms, or ribbons to the ears for decoration, and you’re done!

Mastered the cat ears? How about some fangs to match!

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