A Guide on Making Horns for Cosplay

A Guide on Making Horns for Cosplay

Making horns for your cosplay costume can be both fun and frustrating. Depending on the type and design, the level of difficulty also varies.

There are several types of horns you can make for cosplay. Before the actual crafting process, you have to first decide which best fits your character or is required for your costume.

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Common Horn Types Used For Cosplay


Dragon Horns 

Demonic Horns


Helmet Horns 

Short Horns

Next, you have to think about what you need to create them, which may include the following:


Basic Materials and Tools

Hot glue

EVA foam

Aluminum foil or old newspapers

Wire (tie wire, wire hanger, etc.)

Masking tape

Acrylic paint (desired or required colors)

Headband (if necessary)

Other decorations needed for the horns such as faux leaves or faux fur:

Glue gun

Pliers or wire cutters


Once your tools and materials are ready, begin the crafting.

How To Make The Horns

  1. Visualize how they would look. Will they be long or short, wide or narrow? Take a look at these DIY cosplay horns for inspiration.
  2. Start making a skeletal mold using wire. Attach the mold directly to a headband if necessary. This serves as the base or the form.
  3. Wrap the mold or form with aluminum foil or old newspaper, depending on which material is necessary. This is to sculpt the shape of your horns. 
  4. Use masking tape to wrap over the aluminum foil or old newspaper. Doing so will smoothen the rough folds or wrinkles. It also reinforces the form and makes the paint stick.
  5. If your horns have ridges or other details, use hot glue to form the lines or spirals and other details.
  6. Begin painting the horns with the desired or required colors.
  7. Once the paint is dried up, attach the horns to a mask or wear them directly on your head.

Don’t worry if you make any mistakes along the way as it’s all part of the process of making cosplay horns. Just try to follow the steps above as closely as you can. 

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