Cosplay 101: Crafting Your Own Wings for Your Costume

Cosplay 101: Crafting Your Own Wings for Your Costume

Wings are among the most common props used during cosplaying. This is because there are numerous winged characters around, be it angels, birds, devils, or even knights.

If you’ve decided to dress up as someone with such winged extensions, here is a short guide on making them along with a few tips.

1 – Decide what kind you want

There are many types of wings out there, depending on the creature or character you want to be. They greatly differ not only in size and shape but also in materials and cost. Hence, think about which one you’ll make before anything. If you’re struggling to decide, take a look at these cosplay wings ideas.

2 – Do your homework

You have likely saved pictures of the character you’re cosplaying. Still, it helps to have additional references especially if the original source is in 2D or chibi style. You’ll have to take creative liberties to transform the wings into a life-sized and 3D version, in that case.

3 – Gather your supplies

Think about the materials you’d like to use. Just because they must look like feathers doesn’t mean you should use actual feathers, for instance. EVA foam is a good option as it’s easy to cut and paint. Prepare the basics like cardboard, wire, scissors, pliers, and glue too.

4 – Create the frame

This is the base you’ll build upon and can be made out of wire or cardboard. If you prefer the former, use pliers to twist the wire into two shapes with a rectangular base to keep them steady on your back. With the latter, tracing, cutting, and pasting are the methods of choice.

5 – Work on the details

Cut out the feathers or scales or dragon skin, then paint or embellish them as desired. Once dried and/or ready, adhere to the frame as securely as possible. Superglue or hot glue are preferred adhesives to make these details really stick.  Check out the best glues for EVA foam.

6 – Add finishing touches

Put on the straps or whatever will be used to wear the wings. Trim the feathers if you think that they’re too long or messy. Add sheen to the butterfly scales or paint in some wrinkles to make things look more realistic or true to the source.

7 – Test it out

Prior to the event where you’ll be wearing the wings, walk around with them on for maybe 30 minutes. This will let you know if they’re as stable as they need to be or if they have to be reinforced. You don’t want them falling apart in the middle of the con, competition, or event.

With that, you should have a general idea of how to make the most basic of cosplay wings at the very least. Start simple then get more elaborate as you grow more confident in your crafting skills. 

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