Cosplay Costume Crafting: Making DIY Fangs

Cosplay Costume Crafting: Making DIY Fangs

If you are planning to cosplay as a vampire or any anime character with fangs, you might have come across the problem of looking for the perfect pair of fake fangs that will bring your character to life. Luckily, there are many ways to obtain this cosplay accessory. You can either buy ready-to-wear fangs from an online shop or you can order customized ones from specialized stores. However, if you are on a budget, you can explore two methods to make your own fangs while saving money.

First Method: Making DIY fangs out of acrylic fake nails

Using fake acrylic nails is just as great as buying plastic fangs from online stores. You can purchase a set of fake nails then trim them to fit your incisors. Make sure to align the rounded edge of the fake nail to the base of your tooth to avoid irritating your gums. You can trim the tip of the nails according to the sharpness of your character’s fangs. Acrylic nails are an easier method when creating whole sets of teeth. For example, here’s the perfect guide for how to make shark teeth (perfect for characters like Kirishima)

Second Method: Making customized fangs using thermoplastic beads

Thermoplastic beads are offered by online shops and crafts stores at a low price. These nontoxic plastic beads can be melted and formed into any shape you want. You can heat the beads with a blow dryer, heat gun or boiling water and then mold them into your desired fang shape. While thermoplastic beads are the most popular option for fangs, it can be the most tedious so beware!

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