Cosplay Makeup 101: How to Wear Contact Lenses Correctly

Cosplay Makeup 101: How to Wear Contact Lenses Correctly

For beginners, one of the most intimidating parts of cosplay is wearing contact lenses. Here are some of the basic steps on how to put on your contacts.

Step One: Sanitize!

Make sure to wash your hands or any tools that you might use before you put your contact lens in your eyes. 

A lot of microorganisms and bacteria are found on your hands, and since you will be touching your eyes when putting on contacts, you should make sure that your hands are clean.


Step Two: Hold and control your eyelid.

It is normal to be sensitive when it comes to putting something in your eye. The eyelids are there to protect your eye. That is why it is hard to control the twitching movement when you’re attempting to wear the contacts for the first time. You should practice controlling your eyelids by holding it up with both your hands and looking to the side whenever you’re attempting to put the contacts in. If your lens catches on your eyelashes and it falls out, just clean the lens with lens solution and try again.

Step Three: Taking the contact lens out.

Once your recommended wear time is up, you would need to take your contacts out. To do this, take your pointer and thumb, then place them directly on the contacts. With a pinching motion, take the contact lens out of your eye and pull it away. It actually doesn’t hurt if you put your finger on the lens itself because it acts as a shield so it won’t feel like you’re touching your actual eyeball.

once you master the art of inserting contact lenses, the characters you can emulate are endless… take a look at these popular cosplay ideas of 2021!

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