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Ahri Cosplay Costumes of 2021

Discover your inner Ahri

Who is Ahri?

Ahri was orphaned by her kin in the snowy woods of northern Ionia. Eventually, a pack of icefoxes adopted her as their own. Possessing an immense power, she learned to master her skills by herself. 

Her first human encounter enabled her to devour the essences of a person, allowing her to see their memories and feel what it’s like to be a human. Her insatiable hunger for their life force, coupled with her desire to become human, grew stronger and her victims multiplied. This came to a halt when she realized that she became no more than a monster.

She knew her actions might get out of hand, so she decided to seek the assistance of the best mages in Runeterra. She hopes she can finally learn how to use her innate power for good, and curb her obsession once and for all. 

How to look like Ahri?

One of her distinct features is her noticeable yellow eye color. To achieve her wolf-like eye, an eyeliner extended to the inner corner of the eyes and smokey eye makeup is a useful trick. However if you want to go all out, you could purchase a pair of yellow contact lenses for the full effect.

She also has whisker marks on her cheeks and the iconic fox ears. These two are a staple in most, if not all, her skins so don’t forget these!

Ahri possesses a strange allure that makes her a deadly champion. With her strong magic, she’s definitely a cunning femme fatale who can immediately wipe out enemies. If you’re planning to create an Ahri cosplay, then this is the perfect guide to nail her look.


Ahri Cosplay Buying Guide

Here are the best Ahri cosplay you can get, according to customer reviews on their quality and price. We have accurate information and sizing charts, so you can choose which Ahri costume fits you perfectly.

Find The Top 4 Best Ahri Costumes of 2021

Original Skin

Her original skin consists of a red tube top with flowing sleeves and a white thigh-length double layered skirt with distinct red and yellow patterns on the hems. A red cord similar to a mystic knot hangs from her chest to the ground. Her footwear is identical to traditional Chinese shoes, with white socks tied with red straps around her calves. Her long dark hair is braided and has a few loose strands of hair in front.

Star Guardian Skin

She wears an ensemble that looks very similar to a sailor fuku: a white top with gold linings and a red accent, and a pink diamond with blue ribbon wings on her chest, partnered with a red palda with a white fluffy underskirt. She also wears thigh-high socks with red and gold cuffs and predominantly white shoes with a gold toe box and heels, also with the same pink diamond design on her chest. Her hair is now blonde with a half up, half down hairstyle.

K/DA Prestige Edition Skin

She now has shorter platinum blonde hair and dons a tight-fitting, golden dress with white and black accents at the top and geometric cuts on the bottom. She wears gold boots with white patches on the sides. A few accessories she has are gold bands on her left thigh and both her arms and gold spiked bracelets on her wrists.

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