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Jinx Cosplay Costumes of 2021

Discover your inner Jinx

If you’ve decided to cosplay as Jinx, then it’s time to get excited! Every League of Legends player knows her from her blue hair and menacing grin—she definitely likes getting attention. Read our guide to find out everything you’ll need to get the best Jinx Cosplay out there.

Who is Jinx?

Jinx has been wreaking havoc across Piltover ever since her appearance on Roguery Night. Initially, she flees the crime scene without any trace but eventually, she wanted to take credit for her work so she made sure to be seen in her future misdeeds.

She began leaving pink tags to let the authorities know she’s behind all the chaos, earning the ire of the Enforcer Vi. Efforts to thwart her actions were fruitless as she was always one step ahead of them, despite having a one-on-one confrontation with her sister, Vi

Jinx remains on the loose to this day; no one knows when she’ll stop with her insane antics. Nobody can identify the troublemaker’s motive but she continues anyway, with each crime even greater than the last.

How to look like Jinx?

Her most iconic feature is her striking blue hair, which is styled into two braids and parted in the middle, with a segmented fringe swept to the right. A long blue wig can easily be repurposed into Jinx’s hairstyle with just hair ties, bobby pins, and hairspray.

Her pale skin has a visible tattoo sleeve of blue clouds on her right arm. Her eyes are a bright shade of pink and her eyebrows are thin and arched, a minute but essential feature for a convincing Jinx cosplay. For her eyes and tattoos, you can opt for pink contact lenses and blue body paint. You may also want to cover your eyebrows in order to draw on thin and arched ones.


Jinx Cosplay Buying Guide

We reviewed the top Jinx cosplays and chose the best ones according to customer reviews. No need to worry about a one-size-fits-all dilemma, because we made sure to have accurate information and sizing charts for each Jinx costume.

Find The Top 5 Best Jinx Costumes of 2021

Original Skin

Her original design consists of bikini and shorts with ammo belts attached on both. The halter-neck brassiere has a black cup on the left and a pink cup with crimson stripes on the right. She wears a long black glove with purple bands on her left arm and a short glove on her right hand. She also sports black military boots and a purple sock with a layer of a fish net stocking on her right leg. 

Star Guardian Skin

Her guardian costume consists of a blue top covered by a white open front flared top and a pink and gold star emblem. She dons dark blue high socks and a pair of white and gold shoes with a winged gold star emblem. She wears white gloves on her left arm and a long blue glove on her right, both adorned with a golden star. Her hair is also in a bright red shade.

Odyssey Skin

Now wearing a loud orange hair color and has bright green eyes, this space pirate now dons a robotic left arm, a blue crop top with a cropped sleeveless leather jacket, gold patterned tattoos, and grey pants with black and red bands on the thighs.  

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