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Joker Cosplay Costumes of 2021

Discover your inner Joker

So, you want to cosplay as the supervillain Batman’s nemesis? The Joker is most recognized for his acid green hair, pale white skin, bright red lips and sharp eyes. Looking for Joker’s cosplay? Better check this out! 

Who is Joker?

Joker, Gotham City’s most infamous criminal, is Batman’s greatest enemy. He ranks number one as the most villainous character on the Greatest Comic Book Character of All Time and Greatest Comic Book Character Ever in Wizard Magazine’s 200 Greatest Comic Book Characters of All Time lists.

Hiding inside his funny clown costume is a sociopath killer — murdering people just for fun. He is the one responsible for Batman’s various life struggles such as the paralysis of his ally Batgirl, and the killings of Jason Peter Todd and Jim Gordon’s second wife Sarah Essen. He is also a cunning thief. 

Joker is only a human and has no supernatural powers. Because of his chemical engineering skills, he is able to create some of the most insane poisonous torture weapons such as crowbars, explosives, flower lapel that squirts out acid, extendo-boxing glove and a trick gun.  

How to Look Like Joker

Joker is famous for his clown costume with acid green hair, pale white skin, bright red lips, and sharp eyes. His signature villain colors are purple and green. He wears a purple coat and pinstriped trousers with gloves. He also has pale white skin and messy grass-green hair. 

If you want to achieve Joker’s look, you can wear a wig or dye your hair green. Make it look disheveled. You can also paint your face white to achieve his pale skin. If you want to make it more realistic featuring Joker’s wrinkled forehead, you can wrinkle your forehead while putting on the white paint. 

To complete the look, fill in the eye socket with black paint and put on the bright red lipstick on your lips — the bigger grin, the better! 


Joker Cosplay Buying Guide

Here are some of the top Joker costumes with the best price and quality, according to many customer reviews. As there are accurate sizing charts and information to guide you, there’s nothing to worry about. 

Find The Top 5 Best Joker Costumes of 2021

The Original Joker Costume

Joker’s famous outfit is his head to toe purple costume. He wears a purple coat, long-sleeved shirt and a string necktie. It is paired with purple pinstripe trousers and gloves. His costume is sometimes matched with a flat crowned hat and a purple overcoat.

Cesar Romero Joker

The Joker played by Hollywood legend Cesar Romero, portrayed as a laid-back goofball, featured a brighter tone 1930’s classic outfit. He wears a pink suit and a green shirt with a ribbon tie. It is matched with a pink low cut waistcoat, and striped pants. 

Dark Knight Returns Joker

Dark Knight Returns Joker sports a white herringbone cashmere blazer with padded shoulders and lapel, matched with pegged pants, and purple boots with Cuban heels.  He also wears a purple dress shirt with a white necktie. 

Joaquin Phoenix Joker

Joaquin Phoenix  Joker wears a maroon coat with a gold waistcoat and green shirt. It is matched with the two-tone oxford lace-ups shoes. Aside from the normal pale white face, blue triangles are added on the eyes to resemble blurry teardrops. 

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