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Bakugou Cosplay Costumes of 2021

Discover your inner Bakugou

So, you want to cosplay as the explosive deuteragonist of My Hero Academia, Katsuki Bakugou. You want the crazy hair, the grenade gauntlets, and all that black and orange. Cool! Let’s take a glimpse at what you’ll need for a Bakugou costume that will blow people away.

Who is Katsuki Bakugou?

Bakugou may seem to be a complicated cosplay project to undertake due to all the different parts. However, the key to getting a good handle of it is to understand Bakugou as a character, from his temperamental and arrogant attitude to his philosophy on what a hero stands for.
“I will win. That’s what heroes do.”

Bakugou exudes confidence and bravado wherever he goes, and his costumes reflect that. The orange X on his hero costume says a lot about him as both a hero and a person. Whether it’s in battle or even in casual settings, he seeks to be at the center of attention.

He’s one of the strongest students in Class 1-A due to his Explosion quirk, which lets him create explosions using his sweat, which has the same properties as nitroglycerin. The more he sweats, the stronger his explosions can be. That’s why it’s important for him to wear clothes that let him perspire, especially during winter months.

How to Look Like Bakugou

You can choose between either one of his academy uniforms or his full hero costume. All of them may look vastly different, but they all share the same fundamental part—his hair.
A platinum blonde wig that has been spiked up to resemble a comic book explosion is what you should aim for. You should be able to obtain a custom Bakugou wig these days, but you can cut and style a cheap short blonde wig if you’re on a budget.

He also has bright red eyes, so you’ll want contact lenses to match if you’re not apprehensive about them. Check out our guide on how to put contact lenses in for help!


Bakugou Cosplay Buying Guide

We’ve reviewed the top Bakugou cosplay and picked the best ones according to customer reviews. Since people worry most about their costumes being undersized or oversized, we also looked into the top Bakugou costumes that have accurate sizing charts and information!

Find The Top 4 Best Bakugou Costumes of 2021

Academy Uniform

The easiest costume to obtain is the standard academy uniform. The only part that may need customizing is the gray jacket with dark blue-green stripes. 

He keeps the first button of his white shirt undone and doesn’t wear the customary red tie since that’s too stuffy for him. He also likes to sag his dark blue-green academy pants, even if he does wear a belt, albeit loosely.


Gym Uniform

There’s also the academy gym uniform, which is the blue two-piece short-sleeve tracksuit with white lines that looks like it says “UA” on the front. Wear that with the wig and you have Bakugou’s look for most of the UA Sports Festival Arc.

Hero Costume

His full hero costume consists of a black top with an orange X on it, black elbow-length gloves with orange trim, black pants with dark blue-green belt and harness, black boots with orange soles and buttons, metallic shoulder pieces and kneepads with orange bolts, black face mask with explosion motif on the back, and grenade gauntlets.

The black shirt, gloves, and pants should be the easiest to obtain. You should then find what can serve for the boots, which could be covers for shoes. Then, there are the belt and harness, which may be military surplus.

The shoulder pieces and kneepads can be either plastic or fabric. The latter would be much easier to replicate. Metal ones will likely not be allowed in most conventions and establishments. You can read our in depth guide on how to make cosplay armor.

The signature grenade gauntlets have to be the hardest one to replicate. You can make your own out of eva foam or find a pair of soft replica hand warmers from Amazon.

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