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Monster Hunter Cosplay Costumes of 2021

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What is Monster Hunter?

In Monster Hunter, the player assumes the role of a Hunter whose job is to kill or trap monsters as specified in a quest assigned to them. Resources can be collected from these monsters to craft weapons and armor sets, while some can be scavenged around the area.

The players do not gain any experience points when slaying monsters, thus eliminating a level-based system. Instead, the player’s statistics will be determined by the armor they equip. This allows players to continuously hunt monsters that produce a resource they need to craft a specific armor set. With the variety of monsters in the game, the player has a plethora of choices on which armor or weapon they want to create.  

A Monster Hunter cosplay can be difficult to pull off, so if you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at the best Monster Hunter cosplays.

How to look like a Hunter from Monster Hunter?

Character customization is available at the beginning of the game, so the appearance of a Hunter is unique to every player. As for the armor sets and weapons, they feature the same characteristics of the slain monster or a scavenged material that they have collected on their quests. 

So you want to put on Monster Hunter’s fantastic armor sets and feel the thrill of slaying monsters in real life. With more than a hundred unique armor sets, who wouldn’t want to cosplay at least one of these awesome outfits at the next convention? Keep on reading and find out how to achieve an awesome Monster Hunter Cosplay.

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How To Make
An Awesome Monster Hunter Costume

Rathalos Armor Set

Rathalos are territorial flying wyverns introduced in the first game and continued to be a mainstay creature in every Monster Hunter game. Due to this, Rathalos became the iconic monster of the series, and hunting a Rathalos became a necessary feat in all games. This armor set is quite popular among Monster Hunter cosplayers since it’s the most recognizable armor set in the game.

The Rathalos Armor Set has a spiky texture and is predominantly covered in red scales, similar to the skin of a Rathalos. The base armor is mainly silver cuirass and the red scales are attached to the outer side of the breast plate, tassets, greaves, and gauntlets. Spiked sections of the armor can be seen on the helmet and pauldrons. While it is not a requirement, wearing blue contacts lenses to resemble the distinct blue eyes of Rathalos is definitely a great plus.The spiky texture can be achieved by using EVA foam and acrylic paint. You can cut the shape of a scale yourself or you can buy pre-cut scales online. Make sure to use contact glue as an adhesive, since it can bind foam well as compared to other adhesives.  

To master the art of creating armor takes time and patience, but we have a guide on how to make cosplay armor to get you started 🙂

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