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Tifa Lockhart Cosplay Costumes of 2021

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Who is Tifa Lockhart?

Tifa Lockhart is Cloud Strife’s childhood friend from Nibelheim. They lost touch with each other years ago when Cloud went on to become a soldier. When Cloud arrives at Midgar, she welcomes him and convinces him to join the resistance group Avalanche to fight against the Shinra Electric Power Company, which is responsible for the destruction of Nibelheim.

She works as a bar hostess in Midgar, tending to the bar and restaurant Seventh Heaven, which also serves as the secret headquarters of Avalanche in its basement. Led by Barret Wallace, Avalanche seeks to fight Shinra in guerilla warfare to eventually topple its tyrannical rule over the world of Gaia.

As a resistance fighter, Tifa is a capable fighter. She has martial arts expertise that lets her use knuckles to take out Shinra’s grunts. Her optimism, empathy, and combat prowess make her a valuable asset to Avalanche and the resistance. Think you  know Tifa inside out? Check out these 10 facts about Tifa Lockhart!


How to Look Like Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart is a woman in her early 20s with long black hair that goes all the way down past her waist. She likes to tie her hair at the tips, which creates a dolphin-tail split. Her hair is much shorter in Advent Children, set two years after the events of Final Fantasy VII. For tips and tricks, take a look at our guide on how to style a wig, I guarantee your wig will stand out at your next con!

She is often depicted as a bright and cheerful girl, never failing to lift the spirits of her Avalanche comrades. She is one of the most recognizable female video game characters out there, and her popularity has had a resurgence thanks to the release of the Final Fantasy VII remake. If you’re looking to cosplay this hard-hitting chick, here is your guide to the best Tifa Lockhart cosplay out there.


Tifa Lockhart Cosplay Buying Guide

These are some of the best Tifa Lockhart cosplay according to customer reviews, which have the best price and quality available. They also have accurate information and sizing charts, so you can find the Final Fantasy cosplay that’s right for you.

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Final Fantasy Costume

Her classic costume is a white crop top and a black short skirt held up with black suspenders. On her arms are black arm sleeves and thick fingerless gloves (red with knuckle studs in the original, black with metal plates in the remake), and her left elbow is covered with a metal pad.

Her skirt in the remake is pleated for better movement, while it’s not pleated in the original, and held up around her waist with a black utility belt. On her feet are red combat boots with a front strap. Her legs are bare in the original, while she wears black thigh-high stockings in the remake.

Crisis Core Costume

The younger Tifa residing in Nibelheim has a distinct cowgirl outfit. She wears a light brown cowboy hat with a white string, a white button crop top and brown leather vest, brown short skirt with a black leather belt that has an oval silver buckle with a teal ornamental gem, and dark brown cowboy boots.

Advent Children Costume

Her hair is shorter in this version, cut to the length that reaches her middle back. She wears a black leather crop top over a white sleeveless undershirt, black leather shorts under a black leather skirt with a black long tail, brown fingerless gloves with knuckle studs, a red ribbon tied over her left bicep, and black boots with white toes and soles.

Kingdom Hearts Costume

If you’re looking to go for the Kingdom Hearts cosplay version, the good news is that it looks pretty good as well. It can be seen as a simplified version of the Advent Children costume.

She wears a black zipped crop top over a white sleeveless undershirt, black gloves, black shorts under a black skirt and tail, and the same black boots. Her teal teardrop earrings are also visible in this version.

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