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What Everyone Must Know About George Jung’s Ex-Wife Mirtha Jung: Marital Status, Net Worth, Jail Time and More!

Find out little known facts about Mirtha Jung: Marital Status, Girlfriend/Boyfriend, Net Worth, Height and More

Mirtha Jung Overview

Mirtha is known primarily for her marriage with a drug cartel lord who goes by the familiar name George Jung. Although she did have a life prior to meeting George as she was an entrepreneur herself, it was her marriage and life with George that made her a celebrity. George and Mirtha’s marriage did not last long as they separated after 7 years of marriage. George would remarry, but Mirtha would not. She has often talked about how much she loved George.

It could be said that George was quite lucky as Mirtha always seemed to have George’s best interest in mind. However, what was unique about George and Mirtha’s relationship was that they didn’t really lead a lawful life since they were both dependent on drugs. Mirtha used drugs, while George made huge sums of money smuggling drugs into the United States. Eventually, Mirtha became part of George’s drug smuggling operations. Mirtha eventually got caught and imprisoned. After her release from prison, she changed her ways and has had a stable career as an actress, writer, and businesswoman.

What is the nationality of Mirtha Jung?

Mirtha is American, although she was born in Cuba. She has lived most of her life in the United States.

How tall is Mirtha Jung and how much does she weigh?

Mirtha Jung stands 5 feet 4 inches tall. She weighs around 134 pounds.

Is Mirtha Jung married or single?

Mirtha Jung is no longer married. She got divorced from her husband a long time ago in 1984. Her former husband is no other than the famous drug lord George Jung.

How much is Mirtha Jung’s net worth?

From what she made from her business endeavors and acting, Mirtha Jung’s net worth is said to be around $1 million only. This figure is likely untrue since George Jung had a humongous net worth of $100 million, made from his drug cartel business. From her marriage with George, it is highly likely that she received a huge sum of money as a settlement.

How many kids does Mirtha Jung have?

Mirtha and George Jung had one child, Kristina Sunshine Jung. She has done her best to stay away from the drug trade that her parents did. She is a promising businesswoman.

How old is Mirtha Jung?

Although there is no official account of Mirtha Jung’s age and birthdate, there are reports that say that she was born on December 3 and was 10 years younger than George. If this were the case, since George is 77-years-old in 2020, Mirtha will turn 67-years-old towards the end of the year.

What film made Mirtha Jung famous?

Mirtha Jung was part of the film Blow. What was unique about this movie is that it was a film about Mirtha and George’s life, relationship, and eventual fall from grace. Penelope Cruz was the one who played Mirtha Jung in the film, while Johnny Depp was the one who acted as George Jung.

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