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All Your Questions Answered About Jessica Rogan

Little known facts about Jessica Rogan – all you need to know about her relationships, net worth, height, weight and everything you can think of!

Jessica Rogan Overview

Jessica Rogan is the wife of Joe Rogan, but, born in Sugar Land, Texas, on July 18th, 1975, she has gained her own slice of fame as a product analyst and TV producer. Her birth name was Jessica Sloan Ditzel until she married the famous commentator, Joe Rogan.

In her early career life, she worked as a cocktail waitress, soon working herself up to account executive for the human resource giant Robert Half Technology. Her versatility seems to be limitless, demonstrated by her work as a writer, focusing on the comedic world her husband inhabits, whom she also helps behind the scenes.


How many kids does Jessica Rogan have?

Mrs. Rogan has three kids, one with Keven Conner, and two with Joe Rogan. She gave birth to Kayja Rogan (Kayja Rose Connor) on August 23rd, 1996. When she married Joe, he decided to adopt Kayja, and since, she has changed her last name to Rogan. The couple’s first child of the marriage was born in May 2018, and they decided to name her Lola. They had another daughter, just a year after they were married, named Rosy.

Is Jessica Rogan married or single?

The blonde bombshell is married to the famous Joe Rogan. They started dating sometime after she divorced her first husband the late singer of H-Town, Keven “Dino” Conner. She decided to call that marriage quits in 1998 after she had found out that the singer was cheating on her with another woman. The powerful Jessica and Joe duo tied the knot back in 2009 and have a beautiful marriage as of today.

Which podcast was Jessica Rogan on?

Although her husband’s podcast is one of the most famous in the world, we haven’t seen her in any of them. That may be because she isn’t interested in being in the spotlight, but would rather work in the background and help catapult her husband’s career even further.

What nationality is Jessica Rogan?

Her hereditary line is very diverse, and she is mixed. However, she identifies as Native American and has stated so multiple times.

Jessica Rogan wears what watch?

Unfortunately, we don’t have information about the watches that she prefers to wear. However, knowing that her and her husband are filthy rich, we can assume that she has expensive tastes.

How tall is Jessica Rogan and how much does Jessica Rogan weigh?

As of right now, there is no clear information regarding her height and weight.

How much is Jessica Rogan worth?

The personal net worth of Jessica is thought to be less than $500,000; however, we must take into account that she is a vital cog in her husband’s work. If we take into consideration the work that she does for Joe, we can assume that her net worth is much higher.

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