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How To Get A Celebrity To Notice You

The reason why they are celebrities is that there is something special about them. It could be a talent or a personal attribute that made this celeb famous. Naturally, they would have thousands to millions of fans wanting to get close to them and be noticed by them. How do you get a celebrity to notice you then? The answer is to be creative. Here are some ways you can be creative:

Show the celebrity how they inspired you

For example, if you want to get a celebrity singer to notice you, create a scenario that shows the celebrity how his or her work has inspired you. It could be something as simple as singing along their songs while you are in a car perhaps or while you are with friends. You can capture this moment through video footage using your own gadget. You could send that video through a direct message or post it on your social media account while you tag the celebrity. While many people would have the same idea as yours of tagging or messaging your favorite celebrity, the more creative the scenario you make, the higher the chances the celebrity will notice you.


Try to inspire the celebrity

A famous celebrity could get millions of direct messages and tags from their fans. This lessens the chances of you getting noticed by that celebrity no matter how creative your message is. What you can do is use social media features. For instance, on Instagram,  turn on post notifications from the celeb so that you are first to know when they have posted something. Then, when you have received a post notification about their latest post, you could be one of the firsts to comment on their posts.

When you comment that is now the time you can be creative. Of course, don’t leave a simple “Great!” or “I love your work” comment. You could ask a question or write a very thoughtful comment or opinion that could inspire the celebrity and make them feel really good. When this happens, you better your chances of getting noticed and the celebrity might actually take time to respond to your comment.

At the end of the day, being a fan means that you are one of many million other fans. However, people don’t always channel their creative energies. In the sea of other fans, you just have to be creative enough to capture grand and random creative video footages, while you make compelling and inspiring comments on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to get noticed by that celebrity. Use that creative juice!

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