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How to Get a Celebrity to Notice You (without being arrested!)

The reasons why a celeb is a celeb could be numerous – talent, relationships, good looks, being in the right place, or just that everyone wants to be them. But it results in millions of fans wanting to get up close and personal with them. But how do you get them to notice you? How to stand out from the crowd? 

Show the celeb how they inspired you to be better

For example, if you want to get a celebrity singer to notice you, create a scenario that shows the celebrity how his or her work has inspired you. Maybe you felt suicidal and their words stopped you from feeling so alone, or the character they played in a movie made you want to help others. Record a heartfelt performance explaining how the celeb has inspired you – a sob at the right moment, or a well-placed sniff might just convince them (it helps if you have no shame and are happy to beg!). Remember you have to stand out, so the more creative your story, the better.

Send them the vid, or post it on social media, tagging the superstar victim, and if you’re lucky and your performance was great, they may contact you.


Aim to inspire the celebrity

A famous celebrity could get millions of direct messages and tags from their fans. This lessens the chances of you getting noticed by them no matter how creative your message is. What you can do is use social media features to your advantage. For instance, on Instagram,  turn on post notifications from the celeb so that you are first to know when they have posted something. Then, when you have received a post notification about their latest post, you could be one of the firsts to comment on their posts – but remember, make it count!

Don’t leave a simple “Great!” or “I love your work”, instead ask a question or write something thought-provoking or an opinion that might inspire the celebrity. By standing out from all the other comments, you could stir their curiosity, especially if you regularly have something interesting to add –  use that creative juice!


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Celebs do date, and even marry normal people!

Even though it may seem like an impossible dream, it can, and does, happen – we promise!

Celeb hunk Matt Damon has been married to Luciana Barroso for almost two decades, meeting her when she was a bartender. Reese Witherspoon, too, has married a regular guy – Jim Toth, Paul Rudd is with publicist Julie Yaeger and Seth Meyers with lawyer Alexi Ashe … the list goes on!

Another celeb + regular person marriage!


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