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How to Become a Celebrity Assistant

To become a celebrity personal assistant or celebrity PA, it’s a simple matter of applying. Look for vacancies everywhere –  newspapers and media postings, television stations, and the Internet and social media sites.

For a celebrity PA, you have to possess the mental and physical grit, alongside the relevant skillset. Being a celeb PA can be tough, and between you and your employer, the more important one is, obviously, the celebrity and it’s your job to ensure they always look good, are on time, and that everything is a seamless as possible.

  1. You need to develop good organizing and events planning skills – Celebrities have to look good to everybody they are dealing with. These include fans, relatives, and those that they have business dealings with. This means that it is your job to make sure that the celebrity knows his or her schedules, attends to important events and invitations, and has continuous success. The celebrity personal assistant needs to be up and about before events, schedules, and work commitments. He or she should be there to remind the celebrity while preparing events that could further boost job opportunities and networks for the celebrity. In other words, a celebrity PA needs to be one step ahead at all times.
  2. You need to be tech-savvy. Each celebrity is unique. Some of them may be on their devices all the time and may constantly check and write on their social media accounts, whereas others may ask you to manage their accounts for them. Whatever the case is, you need to know your gadgets. You have to be there when the celebrity needs you, and this means that you have to be one message or call away. Gone are the days when celebrity personal assistants carried notebooks (although you could still have one to jot down important reminders when your phone reminders fail you). These days, you have to not only be quick on your feet but also on your device.
  3. You need to develop excellent interpersonal skills. Celebrities have a slew of people that surround them. There’s family. There are television networks, film producers (if they are into films), coaches and managers (if they are celebrity athletes), and Internet media personalities, all the way to social climbing friends. You need to have a rapport with everyone that surrounds your celeb. You need to be eloquent in front of VIPs and tough when it comes to rowdy fans and even bashers. Of course, you have to deal with your celeb’s emotions, too, being supportive and understanding.
  4. You need to be knowledgeable about your celebrity, and understand every angle of their career, whilst having a good idea on their stance toward particular issues.

There are agencies that could help you land a celebrity PA job. But more importantly, you need to back yourself up with the necessary skills and the required mindset. Of course, the life of a celebrity is filled with glitz and glamour, but, don’t expect a celeb PA’s life to be the same.


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