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How to Get A Celebrity to Follow You on Instagram

Instagram has made it easy for people to get closer to each other. Not just that, it has made it possible for your everyday, regular person to get as close to celebrities, especially since, most celebs keep their Instagram sites public and, more often than not, open for comments. Instagram has also allowed celebrities to show their more human side, sharing pictures, stories, and life events. Therefore, it is perfectly possible to get your favorite celebrity to notice you and even follow you on Instagram. Here are some of the ways that you could get a celebrity to follow you on Instagram.

1. Make noticeable comments 

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that celebrities are human beings too. Although there are probably more celebrities who share on Instagram with the purpose of selling an album perhaps, a product, the latest film and so on, they do share snippets of their personal lives on Instagram. This means, just like you, there are celebrities who share on Insta the joys of living. If they have kids, they might share pictures of how adorable their children are. However, of their thousands and millions of followers, a regular comment such as “Cute!!!” or “So adorable just like you!!!” is a drop in an ocean of other comments. Celebrities might appreciate such comments but would not linger and think about them because they don’t inspire.


What you can do is make a thought-provoking comment that gets your celebrity intrigued and thinking whether they should reply and see just who you are. When you make a comment, you could ask a question that starts with why or how. You could also write compelling statements and generalizations that could get on the celebrity’s good side. You could even leave an inspirational comment that would get them thinking.

2. … And make them at the right time! 

It is no secret that good timing matters. You could always be one of the first to comment, or you could wait until your comment might be more noticeable. Also, keep in mind that celebrities have their highs and lows. If you follow a celebrity all the time, you could post your comment at a time when the celebrity might appreciate it the most. Keep in mind that celebs are human beings, too, and draw from your experiences as you post your comments on Instagram.

3. Make your Instagram page noticeable and interesting

On social media, there are many things that we can’t control, however, we can control what we show on our social media page. You could devote your time and effort to posting pictures, videos, and stories that would get your favorite celeb to notice you. For instance, if you know for a fact that they are from a particular country, you could publish posts about their country or even their hometown. If they love to travel or going to the beach, a picture of the sun setting down on the beach of Maldives would surely get noticed. If they subscribe to a certain political ideology, you could either make posts that would be agreeable to their own or even leave comments that could challenge their own beliefs. They may not necessarily follow you, but having them notice you is the first step.

4. Make Instagram features work for you

Within your reach, there are two Instagram features that could work in your favor. First is the Hashtag. Social media sites like Insta have unique algorithms that automatically fills a person’s Instagram feed. Hashtags are random titles that could be assigned to pictures, videos, and posts. If your Instagram page is public, when you place hashtags at the comments section of your posts, your post becomes part of a group of other Instagram posts. With your favorite celebrity having that same Instagram algorithm feature as anyone else, they could stumble upon that hashtag group and eventually be led to your Instagram post. You can make as many hashtags as you like, giving you more chances for a celebrity to follow you.

If you want to further narrow down your chances of getting noticed and followed, there is another Insta feature you could use – reposting. Just like any other social media platform, a public post could easily get shared. This means that the celebrity you are targeting would see the number of people who shared their post. Again, if your Instagram page is interesting enough, you could get noticed. At the end of the day, you just have to see your Insta celeb as a human being, just like you.

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