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How to Become a Celebrity Stylist

One of the things a celebrity prepares for is the red-carpet walk. However, there are people behind the look for an event. That look needs to be etched in the minds of people and fill Twitter and Instagram pages.

For instance, through the styling efforts of Tom Eerebout and Sandra Amador, during the recent Oscar Awards, Lady Gaga’s look for that night garnered 34,000 twitter mentions and over 3 million likes on Instagram. Celebrity stylists are no longer backstage and they get thousands of followings on social media platforms. The compensation is quite lucrative, too, as many have made a good living off celebrity styling that includes hair-and-makeup, fashion, and catalog styling.

It’s useful, then, to understand what is needed to become a celebrity stylist. Here are some tips that you should consider if you want to become one:

  1. Build an impressive resume that has a strong educational foundation. This means that you need to secure a relevant degree or qualification. You can either pursue a degree in a university or look for short courses on styling. In this day and age, you could even train yourself through the Internet or YouTube. There is no right way. The one thing that matters is that you get some kind of credibility either through formal or informal education.
  2. Obtain a meaningful internship. Why is this important? Like any apprentice, you can’t take on big games unless you have the necessary experience. If need be, you can first start work as an assistant. Micaela Erlanger, a famous celebrity stylist, interned under another famous celebrity stylist, the late Annabel Tollman. She would work on many other internships while she was pursuing a business degree. In the end, it all worked out for Micaela as she became a celebrity stylist for many of Hollywood’s stars.
  3. When you have an internship and enrolled yourself in courses or in the university, you then put the necessary work. This means submerging yourself in the trade. Learn what is new, know what is traditional and customary, and understand what is in demand. If you have the talent for styling, hard work will lead you to a breakthrough.
  4. Now that you possess the much-needed attitude, start building connections. This means being in the presence of industry experts and prominent celebrity stylists. Being elbow to elbow with industry forerunners may lead you to low-profile job demands; however, as you build a portfolio of works and experiences, you will eventually get noticed and land a high-profile celebrity client.
  5. Find the x-factor within you. It is said that talent can take you so far; however, when you persevere, you develop the eye for small details. And when you possess this eye for details, you then become a true artist who is capable of producing a unique style for your celebrity client. You not only try to meet the demands of the celebrity, but you also give him or her a dose of your own creative genius.


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