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Who Are the Parents of Andrew Cunanan?

Find out everything that you ever wanted to know about the parents of the American serial killer Andrew Cunanan, Modesto Cunanan and Mary Anne Schillaci

Modesto Cunanan and Mary Anne Schillaci Overview – Andrew Cunanan’s Parents

Andrew Cunanan was an American serial killer who murdered five people over three months during the 1990s. His victims included Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace and real estate developer Lee Miglin. Andrew was found dead, shot by the same gun he had used previously, on July 23, 1997. He had only been charged with three of the killings, and none had gone to trial yet. There were no suspicious circumstances in Andrew’s death.

His parents are devout Catholics, Modesto Cunanan, who was serving in the US Navy when Andrew was born, and Mary Anne Schillaci. Reports indicate that Andrew, being the youngest of four, was given special treatment – elite private schools, anything he asked for, including fast sports cars, and generally spoiled to the max! Some say this created a ticking time bomb, contributing to his actions.


Mary Ann Schillaci, after her son’s death, became a virtual recluse, finding comfort in God and turning her house into a shrine to Andrew, whom she claimed was innocent. She died alone on 15 April 2012, aged 73.

Modesto, also claiming his son was innocent and set up by the FBI, planned to release a movie, telling his son’s story, but we can find no record of that ever coming to fruition.

Various rumors surround Modesto’s current whereabouts, or even if he’s still alive; some suggest he married a Filipino woman, and an ex-neighbor claimed he’d “joined a survivalist cult and was seeking buried gold he claimed the Japanese had left behind in World War II.”

What Nationality Are Modesto Cunanan and Mary Anne Schillaci?

Mary Ann was born in the USA. She was an Italian-American. As for Modesto, he is a Filipino-American.

How Old Are Modesto Cunanan and Mary Anne Schillaci and How Much Do They Weigh?

Mary Anne died at the age of 73. As for Modesto, there are no verifiable records to indicate whether he is still alive.

What Are Modesto Cunanan and Mary Anne Schillaci’s Net Worth?

The net worth of Modesto and Mary Anne was not revealed. However, Andrew often claimed that his Filipino father owned a pineapple plantation and that they had an elite history. In reality, Modesto evaded his family and moved to the Philippines to avoid arrest for embezzlement.


Are Modesto Cunanan and Mary Anne Schillaci Married or Divorced?

Mary was pregnant with her second child with Modesto when they got married.

What Do Modesto Cunanan and Mary Anne Schillaci Do for a Living?

Modesto ‘Pete’ Cunanan was a Navy veteran turned stockbroker. His wife Mary Anne worked at a bar and they met in 1961.

Why Was Andrew Cunanan Spoiled By His Parents?

Andrew Cunanan was particularly spoiled by his father. His godfather, Delfin Labo thought that Andrew’s father spoiled him because he thought that “Andrew was so good-looking, and the youngest son”

Who Were Andrew Cunanan Parents?

Modesto Cunanan and Mary Anne Schillaci are the parents of Andrew Cunanan, the murderer who took the life of fashion designer Gianni Versace.


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