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How to Become a Celebrity Nanny

Many rich families employ nannies and if you are a nanny to celebrities, you get to enjoy the lavish lives that these celebs lead. Celebrities most of the time bring their nannies everywhere, and many see the world. Some celebrity nannies also rake in 6-digit salaries, beating many lucrative jobs. However, as easy as it may seem, the job of a nanny is quite demanding and the process of becoming one is easier said than done.

Have the temperament to be a nanny

Although most people think that not much is required of a nanny,  being a celebrity nanny requires a lot. First, you have to have the temperament to be one. This means that you need to have not just the skill but also the patience to manage the celebrity family that you are working for.


Find a nanny agency

Before you can even be employed as a celebrity nanny, the most common route that celebrities take is seeking the advice of agencies. It would help, then, to apply yourself to an agency, and ask the agency about the necessary skills and certifications you need to acquire. Of course, if you have worked as a nanny before, you might get referrals especially since many celebrities will share childcare stories. There are numerous nanny agencies sited near film and tv production sets, so they’re easy to locate.

Get nanny certifications

If it is your first time being a nanny, your employment depends on the agency handling the vacancy. In any case, the first step is to procure the necessary requirements, while you wait for employment. Other than actual nanny and caretaking qualifications, you need proof that you don’t have a criminal record. Consider obtaining a driver’s license as well from the DMV, as nanny’s need to drive.

Maintain good behavior and standing

Once you have gotten celebrity nanny employment, you will always be under the scrutiny and mercy of your celeb employer. It is no secret that celebrities frequently change nannies, so it’s important to take care of your client’s needs and wants. Keep your decorum at all times, and avoid posting photos, events, or any personal stuff that might breach your client’s privacy, especially those that could make them look bad.

At the end of the day, do what the celebrity requires…

This would include your celebrity client running background checks on you, and these include checking social media accounts and emails. Being celebs, they look to keep their lives as private as possible, and they, quite rightly, want someone they could trust with their children, family, and lives outside the public eye. The role isn’t gender-specific either, with many now employing a “manny” or a male nanny.

At the end of the day, just do what is required, be polite and respectful and everything else will follow.

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