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Ariane Bourdain, Late Anthony Bourdain’s Daughter’s Full Biography

All your questions answered about the daughter of the late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain – Ariane Bourdain: Her Father’s Suicide and More

Who is Anthony Bourdain’s daughter?

Ariane Bourdain is the daughter of deceased celebrity chef, producer, and television personality – Anthony Bourdain. Her mother is Ottavia Busia, a jiu jitsu expert. Ariane is an only child who trained in Judo when she was young. She has also dabbled in jiu jitsu.

Because of her age, there is little information about Ariane’s home life and she has no social media presence yet. Her parents’ relationship was a bit of a whirlwind with the pair marrying two weeks after their first date and Ariane being born the same year.


What nationality is Ariane Bourdain?

Ariane Bourdain is American, born in New York City, New York.  She still resides there with her mother, Ottavia, was born in Italy before moving to the US in 2002. Anthony was from New Jersey.

How old is Ariane Bourdain and how much does she weigh?

Anthony Bourdain’s daughter was born on April 9, 2007. She is 15 years old. Her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

As of 2019, Ariane was 4 feet and 11 inches or 125 centimeters. She weighed 35 kilograms or 77 pounds. Her natural hair color is brunette and she has blue eyes.

What is Ariane Bourdain’s net worth?

Ariane’s estimated net worth is currently unavailable due to her young age and private lifestyle. Reports assume her father left most of his $1.2 million dollars to her and her mother. But, she will not have any access to it until she is of legal age or 25 years old.

What does Ariane Bourdain do for a living?

Ariane is still a teenager and is in school in New York. She has not entered college yet. Limited information is available and she has no public social media platforms.

Does Anthony Bourdain’s daughter also cook?

There is no confirmation if Ariane is also interested in the cooking business but she has definitely mentioned that she loves Italian food, especially pizza and pasta. Ariane’s other interests reportedly include travelling (London being her favourite place so far), reading, listening to and performing music. Unsurprising, as these were all interests shared by her father and mother. Ariane has appeared in several episodes of Anthony Bourdin: No Reservations streamable on Amazon Prime which has led some to suggest she may follow her father’s footsteps into television.


What happened to Ariane Bourdain’s father?

Before he married Ariane’s mother, Bourdain was married to Nancy Putkoski, but they divorced in 2005. He married Ottavia in 2007, Ariane was born later that year, and the pair only separated in 2016.

In 2018, Ariane’s father, Anthony Bourdain, died at age 61 in an unfortunate and shocking suicide when she was only 11 years old. He was found unresponsive in France. She was crushed with the news of her father’s death, innocently asking the adults around her if people outside of New York will know about her father’s passing.

As a tribute, Ariane performed in a concert, wearing boots that her dad has previously gifted her. Anthony’s death affected many as his work as a television chef was truly iconic.

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