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Bob Ross: The Mystery of His Paintings and Legacy

Discover the truth about Bob Ross’s death and the legacy he left behind. Know about his paintings and the mystery surrounding their disappearance.

Steve Ross, Bob Ross’s Son

If you were an adult, a teenager, or even a kid in the 80s, you would have probably been familiar with Steve Ross’s father, Bob Ross. Bob was the star of the television painting show The Joy of Painting. Being a former Airforce Drill Sergeant, Bob attracted so many viewers around the world thanks to the unusually peaceful method he employed to create his masterpieces. While painting, he would coach viewers with his soothing silky voice, making them feel relaxed and, thus, experience the joy of painting. Bob was on our screens until his death in 1995.

Later on, his son Steve Ross took on his own painting shows on his own social media platform. Steve appeared in a number of Bob’s painting shows, 13 episodes to be exact. One of the most memorable is the last episode of the first season called Final Reflections. In this episode, the young Steve Ross reads questions from the viewers, which Bob answers. The episode turned out to be a major success. Steve would then paint in some of the episodes of The Joy of Painting.


Several years after Bob’s death, Steve broadcasted painting shows on Tumblr, which catapulted him to further stardom while resurrecting the Ross’s painting tradition. In his live stream videos on Tumblr, he showcased a style that was different from his dad’s.

While his dad was cool and composed, Steve can be an amazing talker with a lot of sexual innuendoes. He would make statements that had double meanings such as: “It’s getting bigger all the time. Oh no, it’s huge. Look at that, it’s a monster!” “Pound it into the brush real good,” and “It can be dirty, it doesn’t have to be clean. Oh yeah, sure, tell me more!”

Here is the sex god, as he is known to his many fans, talking about his favorite innuendos – don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Did Steve Ross kick the bucket?

Nope, Steve Ross is still kicking it. The one who passed away was his dear old dad, Bob Ross, back in ’95. He battled lymphoma like a champ, but unfortunately, it was too much for him. Despite the loss, the Ross family legacy lives on through their incredible artwork. Bob and Steve both have made a name for themselves in the art world, and it’s truly impressive. After Bob’s passing, people went on a wild goose chase to find his paintings. He painted three versions of each subject for every show, and many of them had gone missing over the years. But fear not, they’ve been found and are now treasured once again.

Where is Steve Ross from?

Steve Ross is American like his dad, Bob Ross.

How much does Steve Ross weigh and how tall is he?

Steve is as tall as his dad which means that he stands around 6 feet tall. He weighs almost the same as his dad at around 190 pounds.

Is Steve Ross married?

Steve Ross is married. Although few things are known about his personal life, having been called a sex god on Tumblr, Steve is probably quite happy in his marriage.

How much is Steve Ross’s net worth?

There is no news of Steve Ross’s net worth. Actually, Steve has stayed away from the public eye. What is known is that he does agree to personal interviews, the latest of which was at the Blount County Public Library in February 2020. Bob Ross, on the other hand, had a net worth of $10 million at the time of his death.


How many kids does Steve Ross have?

There is no account of how many kids Steve Ross had. His father, Bob Ross, had Steve as his only son from his first marriage with Vivian Ridge.

Steve Ross Photo Gallery


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