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Celeste Ackelson – Get The Full Lowdown!

Find out everything that you could ever want to know about Celeste Ackelson, the wife of the Office star, Brian Baumgartner: Their marriage, and so much more!

Celeste Ackelson Overview

Celeste Ackelson is known for being the wife of Brian Baumgartner who is famous for his role in the television show The Office.

However, there’s little to no information about her parents or siblings as she likes to keep her life private. She had her education at Florida International University with a degree in communication, and began dating Baumgartner when his relationship with his first wife started to fall apart. The two exchanged their vows in 2014 in the backyard of their home in California.

Ackelson is not active on social media as she likes to avoid getting too much media attention.


What is the nationality of Celeste Ackelson?

Celeste Ackelson is an American and Caucasian ethnicity. Her exact birthplace is not known to the public.

How old is Celeste Ackelson?

Celeste Ackelson is now 38 years old and was born in 1982. However, her actual birthdate is not disclosed to the public.

How tall is Celeste Ackelson and how much does she weigh?

Celeste Ackelson’s vital statistical information is also not available to the public.

Is Celeste Ackelson still married or single?

Yes, Celeste Ackelson is married to Brian Baumgartner who is an actor and director.

How much is Celeste Ackelson’s net worth?

The information about Celeste Ackelson’s net worth is not available to the public but her husband Brian Baumgartner has a net worth of more than $8 million, and brought her a home in Los Angeles, California which cost more than $2.8 million.


Does Celeste Ackelson have any children?

Yes, Celeste Ackelson and her husband Brian Baumgartner have a daughter who was born in March 2015. Her name is Brylee Bea Baumgartner.

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