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How To Get a Celebrity’s Phone Number

There are numerous ways to contact a celebrity via social media, so a celeb’s personal phone number isn’t as lucrative as it was before. However, a phone number always grants bragging rights, so how do you get hold of a celebrity’s number?

Use Directory Assistance

There is Directory Assistance for residential and public listings.


In the 90s, people were dependent on this service for anything from ordering a pizza to getting hold of someone’s phone number. These days, everything is done online, and so we don’t automatically think of it, however, by calling 800-FREE-411 (800-373-3411), you can access DA for business and residential listings.

Go to Conventions and Fan Meet-Ups, Striking up a Conversation

With celebrities going out of their way to meet fans for autograph signing and whatnot, you are given a small window of opportunity to get their phone number. So, do your research – find something they’re passionate about, their charity activities, a hobby, a pet (we all love talking about our furry friends), and be ready with a memorable, or witty comment, maybe a fundraising suggestion, and get their attention. The latter is always a great idea as this can lead easily to further contact. You could even thank them on behalf of *insert charity name* for their latest big donation.

If they realize that there is something to be gained from you, then it’s either they get your number or you volunteer and ask theirs.

Of course, if you are asking for their number and they don’t give it, always be respectful and polite.

Narrow Down Your Phone Search Using Your Connections

Celebrities have connections, friends, and family, just like everyone, and with the right search strategy, you could find common friends, friends of friends, and so on. Look for the official social media page of a celeb and search for connections between you and that celebrity. It’s difficult to ask a celebrity their phone number straight out, but there is a probability that a joint contact, even if several times removed, might listen to you on why you need or deserve that celebrity’s phone number.

Advanced technology and the thinning barrier between people make the possibility of getting that phone number not too far-fetched!


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