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Christiana Barkley – Her Parents Divorce and More!

Everything that there is to know about the daughter of NBA star Charles Barkley, Christiana Barkley: Her Net Worth, Parents’ Relationship and More!


Christiana Barkley is the daughter of the former NBA star and now an analyst on the Inside the NBA, Charles Barkley, and a model and social worker, Maureen Blumhardt.

He attended Villanova University and graduated at Columbia University with a degree in Journalism in 2016. According to sources, she is now pursuing her career in the journalism industry.

Her parents were separated after being married for 25 years. However, their family stayed close despite the separation. Often, she accompanies her parents to different events and she loves getting involved in charitable and social activities. In addition, she attended the 20th celebration of Fresh Start Fashion Gala with her mother in 2016 — the fundraising event gathered more than $1.5 million.

It was also reported that she worked as a sales assistant with Turner Sports for a while.

Furthermore, she was involved in a controversy where her alleged photos have gone viral on Twitter. The racy photos were uploaded using the handle Ari. Later, it was found that the photos were of a woman named Villanova which has a striking resemblance to her.


What is The Nationality of Christiana Barkley?

Christiana Barkley is an American. She is a mixed-race child with Caucasian and African heritage.

How Old is Christiana Barkley?

Christiana Barkley is now 34 years old. She was born in 1989 but her exact birthdate was not disclosed.

How Tall is Christiana Barkley and How Much Does She Weigh?

Christiana Barkley is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs around 143 pounds.

Is Christiana Barkley Married or Single?

Christiana Barkley is single and she hasn’t been linked with anyone. Also, because of her secretive nature, in-depth information about her personal life is not available.

How Much is Christiana Barkley’s Net Worth?

Christiana Barkley is assumed to have a net worth of $1 million. However, her father, former NBA star Charles Barkley’s net worth is ranging between $30 million to $40 million.


Does Christiana Barkley Have Any Children?

Christiana Barkley doesn’t have any children.

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