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Your Popular Questions About Christie Brimberry Answered

All your questions answered about Christie Brimberry’s Age, Boyfriend, Height, Weight and More!

Christie Brimberry From Gas Monkey Garage

Christie Brimberry is one of the main crew of Gas Monkey Garage. This car restoration company made waves when Discover Channel created the TV show Fast N’ Loud with Christie Brimberry as the main star. In the show, they would restore and repair rundown cars for a fee. The show became famous after the first few episodes as it would include funny scenes, skits, and moments while the crew restored cars.

Christie gained overnight success and continued building her career and expertly used social media to take her fame further. Her Twitter and Instagram accounts have a huge following, and she is an inspiration to many for beating cancer, demonstrating that life goes on and dreams can be fulfilled.

Christie claims that her success has much to do with her on-screen relationship with Richard Rawlings and his car mechanic crew. Furthermore, Christie’s family has had a huge contribution to her fame and fortune as she works hard in order to provide for them, and others through her many charity projects.


How did Christie Brimberry lose weight?

From 74 kilograms, Christie has managed to shed off close to 24 kilograms or more than 50 pounds. Christie lost weight by maintaining a healthy lifestyle as she would go to gyms to work out. Some of her workout routines are posted on her social media accounts via Instagram and Twitter. She made it a point to lose weight in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle that helped her and that would continue to help her in her battle against cancer.

Christie Shares How She Works Out


What happened to Christie Brimberry?

During the height of her fame, Christie Brimberry was diagnosed with throat cancer. Because of her illness, she had to undergo thyroidectomy in order to remove cancer cells that spread throughout her throat and her voice box. After the operation, she was not able to speak for more than six months and had to fight her way through the pain to eventually recover. Currently, she is cancer-free and is doing her best to support and encourage people whose health has been crippled by diseases like cancer.

How tall is Christie Brimberry and how much does she weigh?

Christie is quite tall as she stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall or 175 cm. She has done her best to keep her weight at around 50 kilograms or 110 pounds. She used to weigh 163 lbs or 74 kilograms and has recently lost 24 kg or more than 50 lbs.

How old is Christie Brimberry?

Christie Brimberry was born on March 25, 1972. She is 51 years old and she’s an Aries in Zodiac.


How much is Christie Brimberry’s net worth?

Because of the many restoration deals and earnings from her time on and off the screen, Christie has a total net worth of $1.8 million.

Is Christie Brimberry married or single?

Christie has had two marriages. The first one ended in a divorce. Currently, she is married to Darren Brimberry who is the proprietor and main stylist of two well-known hair salons.

How many kids does Christie Brimberry have?

Christie has 6 children. She had two children from her first marriage, who are 21 and 17-years old. With her current husband, she has four children.

Christie Brimberry with her husband, Darren Brimberry


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Christie Brimberry on Abbey Road, London where the iconic photo of The Beatles was captured

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