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The Parents of the Awesome Childish Gambino

All your questions answered about the parents of the actor and musician Donald Glover, Beverly & Donald Glover, Sr: Their incredible foster family and more!

Beverly and Donald Glover, Sr. – Their Story

The parents of multi-talented actor and musician Donald Glover,  Beverly Glover, and Donald Glover, Sr., were originally from Edwards Air Force Base in California. They moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia, about 10 miles northeast of Atlanta, in September 1983, a short time after their son was born.

Glover Sr was a postmaster, originally stationed at the Air Base, and his mother, Beverly worked as a daycare provider. The couple were Jehovah’s Witnesses and cared for foster children for 14 years, welcoming them into their family alongside son, Donald, who frequently describes his childhood home as chaotic.

Donald Jr has often claimed in interviews that he felt neglected as a child, and feels that this was down to the number of abused and damaged kids that were fostered by his parents. They were given all the attention by Glover Sr and Beverly, with little time left for their natural son.

Donald Glover, Sr, passed away in 2018, and this news was made public by an emotional Donald, who performs under the stage name of Childish Gambino, during his controversial This is America Tour.


Beverly and Donald Glover, Sr. Photo Gallery

What are the nationalities of Donald Glover’s parents?

Donald Glover’s parents are of African-American ethnicity, but both are Americans by birth, as is Glover Jr.

How old are Donald Glover’s parents?

Donald Glover, Sr. died in 2018, and during Glover Jr’s This is America Tour, he released the news of his father’s passing.

Are Donald Glover’s parents still married or single?

It is not known whether Beverly Glover and Donald Glover, Sr. were still married when the latter passed away in 2018, but we can assume they were due to their religious beliefs against divorce.

Do Donald Glover’s parents have any other children?

Yes, Beverly Glover and Donald Glover, Sr. have two other biological children, Stephen Glover who is a screenwriter, rapper, actor, and producer and Bree Glover. They also have two adopted kids.

Donald child with his parents and his two biological siblings

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What do Donald Glover’s parents do for a living?

Beverly Glover worked as a daycare manager and Donald Glover, Sr. worked in the post office, but as a couple, they both worked hard fostering abused and neglected kids.

How much is Donald Glover’s parents’ net worth?

Beverly Glover and Donald Glover, Sr.’s net worth is not disclosed to the public. However, Donald Glover’s net worth is estimated to be around $35 million.


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