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Elisabeth Shue – Her Childhood Tragedy and More

Everything that you ever wanted to know about the Actress Elisabeth Shue: Her Net Worth, Family Life, Nationality, and So Much More!


Elisabeth Shue is known for her roles in the films The Karate Kid in 1984, Back to the Future Parts II and III, Hollow Man in 2000, etc. She was nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Award and Best Female Lead at the Independent Spirit Award for her performance in the film Leaving Las Vegas.

Shue has won many acting awards and has been nominated for Golden Globes, Academy Awards, and BAFTAs.

Her parents divorced when she was 9 years old and was raised with her three brothers Andrew, William, and John, becoming extremely close. She attended Columbia High School, Wellesley College, and Harvard University but she withdrew to pursue her acting career. After more than a decade, she returned to Harvard University and completed a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

In 1988, her older brother Will died from a swimming accident while on a family vacation while her other brother Andrew, also an actor, witnessed the accident.


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What is The Nationality of Elisabeth Shue?

Elisabeth Shue is an American actress born on October 6, 1963, in Wilmington, Delaware. She has English and German ancestry. Her birth name is Elisabeth Judson Shue.

How Old is Elisabeth Shue?

Elisabeth Shue is now 56 years old and is under the zodiac sign Libra.

How Tall is Elisabeth Shue and How Much Does She Weigh?

Elisabeth Shue is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 119 pounds.

Is Elisabeth Shue Married or Single?

Elisabeth Shue is married to American television and film director and producer, Davis Guggenheim. They married in 1994 and remain so today


How Much is Elisabeth Shue’s Net Worth?

Elisabeth Shue’s net worth is $12 million which she earned by playing roles in films such as The Karate Kid in 1984, Back to the Future Parts II and III, and Leaving Las Vegas.

Does Elisabeth Shue Have Any Children?

Elisabeth Shue and her husband Davis Guggenheim have three children. Their eldest is Miles who was born in 1997 and is now in college, their second child is Stell who was born in 2001, and their youngest Agnes was born in 2006.

What Does Elisabeth Shue Look Like Now?

Elisabeth Shue is now sporting her shoulder-length wavy blonde hair. She still looks healthy and fit because of her tennis regimen which she enjoys playing.

What Happened to Elisabeth Shue?

Elisabeth Shue had a brief hiatus from her acting career and returned to the big screen in 1995 portraying a role in Leaving Las Vegas.

What is Elisabeth Shue Doing Now?

Elisabeth Shue is now back into acting and she has an upcoming war film Greyhound which stars Tom Hanks.

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