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Sebastian Bear-McClard: Career, Background & Marriage to Emily Ratajkowski

Discover the career and background of Sebastian Bear-McClard, actor and producer of acclaimed films. Read about his famous marriage to Emily Ratajkowski.

Sebastian Bear-McClard: From Filmmaker Genes to Hollywood Fame

Sebastian Bear-McClard was born to be a star. With a mother like Liza Bear, a celebrated filmmaker, it’s no wonder he’s got showbiz running through his veins. He’s a man who knows his way around the film industry, internet media, and anything that’s entertaining. As an actor and producer, Sebastian has made a name for himself in the industry, working on highly acclaimed films like Still Life, Good Time, Heaven Knows What, Buffalo Wings, and The Minority. But it was his work on the 2014 film Heaven Knows What that really got his career going. He produced the film alongside the Safdie brothers, who co-partner a production company called Elara Pictures with him.

Despite all his success, what really put Sebastian in the spotlight was his marriage to one of the most famous models and actresses in the world. That’s right, Sebastian is married to Emily Ratajkowski. You might remember her from the controversial music video for Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. While some critics weren’t too happy with her scantily clad performance, Emily stood by her act and became a feminist icon. She was even handpicked by Ben Affleck to star in his film, Gone Girl.

The couple met at a basketball game in New York, and they’re not shy about sharing their love on social media. You can follow along with their adventures on Instagram.


Emily Ratajkowski reveals how her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard proposed!

With a paper clip, that is how Sebastian Bear-McClard proposed to one of the hottest women on the planet. Emily shared the unique story of Sebastian’s unique and romantic proposal in one talk show. Emily said that while they were having dinner at a French restaurant in New York, Sebastian asked her hand in marriage. However, seeing that she seemed in doubt, he took the paper clip from their dinner bill and fashioned a ring out of it. She then realized that he was serious. Emily, amazed at the impromptu and romantic proposal, raised the level further as they went to Chinatown to buy gold and make their own wedding rings. Still, not to be undone, after the couple’s actual wedding at the NYC hall, Sebastian bought his wife an actual expensive engagement ring.

Who is Sebastian Bear-McClard’s wife?

Sebastian is happily married to the famous actress and model Emily Ratajkowski or Em Rata. The couple opted to get married at the New York City Hall since, according to Em, she didn’t want to be stressed out with preparations for a grand wedding. She also said that she is always preparing for shoots and would want her wedding to be simple and heartfelt.

Sebastian Bear-McClard and Emily Ratajkowski are both dressed warmly with their dog


Where was Sebastian Bear-McClard born?

Sebastian was born on March 2, 1987 in New York City. He is now 37 years old.  His parents are American, which makes him American.

What are Sebastian Bear-McClard’ height and weight?

Sebastian stands 5 feet 10 inches; he weighs around 154 pounds.

Sebastian Bear-McClard and his wife, Emily Ratajkowski



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How many kids does Sebastian Bear-McClard have?

Sebastian and Emily do not have children.


What is Sebastian Bear-McClard’s net worth?

Despite Em Rata’s success, news says that Sebastian has an even greater net worth compared to his wife. His net worth is said to be around $11 million.

Who is Emily Ratajkowski’s husband? 

Emily Ratajkowski, or Em Rata, is married to husband Sebastian Bear-McClard. They got married on February 23, 2018, at the Manhattan Clerk’s Office. While Em Rata is a well-known and much-followed model and actress, Sebastian is an acclaimed and budding film producer. Some of the notable films he was part of include Broken Flowers in 2005, Heaven Knows What in 2014, and Good Time in 2017. With the film, Good Time came many nominations for Gotham Independent Film Awards including Best Feature Film Award. The same was true with Heaven Knows What as it was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.

Sebastian Bear-McClard Photo Gallery

Emily Ratajkowski and Robin Thicke’s Music Video Blurred Lines

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