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Who Were Freddie Mercury’s Parents?

All your questions answered about the parents of the late superstar, Freddie Mercury, Jer and Bomi Bulsara: Their Lives, Deaths and More!

Jer Bulsara and Bomi Bulsara Overview – Freddie Mercury’s Parents

Freddie Mercury, the late British singer, record producer, songwriter and lead vocalist of the rock band Queen, was the child of Jer and Bomi Bulsara. They both lived in India and were known followers of the ancient Persian Zoroastrian religion, Parsi. When the couple got married, they moved to Zanzibar, Tanzania. They have two children, Kahsmira and Farrokh, also known as Freddie Mercury. Bomi Bulsara, the father of Freddie Mercury, worked as a cashier at the British government’s High Court.

Where were Freddy Mercury’s parents born?

Jer Bulsara and Bomi Bulsara were both Indian.


How old were Freddy Mercury’s parents when they died?

Jer Bulsara was born on October 16, 1922. She died on November 13, 2016. She was 94. Bomi Bulsara was born on December 14, 1908, and died on December 26, 2003. He was 95.

What was the net worth of Freddy Mercury’s parents?

The net worth of both Jer and Bomi was not revealed. However, according to Freddie’s will, he left his parents a fourth of his share of Queen’s income.

Were Freddy Mercury’s parents still together?

Jer Bulsara and Bomi Bulsara were married and had two children.

What did Jer Bulsara and Bomi Bulsara do for a living?

The family lived a prosperous life and had domestic workers and a nanny. Bomi, the head of the family, worked as a cashier at the British Colonial Office.

What did Freddie Mercury leave his parents in his will?

Mercury left most of his wealth to Mary Austin and the remainder was given to his sister and parents. He left a fourth of his band income to his parents.

What Religion Were Queen’s Freddie Mercury Parents?

The parents of Freddie Mercury were followers of Parsi, the ancient Persian religion.


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