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Meet Bianca Brigitte Van Damme: The Artistic and Athletic Daughter of Jean Claude Van Damme

Find out the talented and athletic daughter of Jean Claude Van Damme, Bianca Brigitte Van Damme, who has trained for the Olympics and pursued acting.

Who is Jean Claude Van Damme’s daughter?

You know Jean Claude Van Damme, right? The guy who can do a split between two trucks? Well, turns out he has a daughter named Bianca Brigitte Van Damme. She’s not as famous as her dad, but she’s still pretty cool.

Bianca grew up watching her dad kick butt on the big screen and it seems like some of that martial arts talent rubbed off on her. She’s also got a creative side and loves to express herself through art. Talk about a well-rounded individual!

But wait, there’s more! Bianca is also a sports enthusiast. She’s tried her hand at karate, bowling, and even figure skating. And get this, she even trained for the 2010 Olympics. That’s right, she’s not just a pretty face, she’s got some serious athletic skills.

Oh, and did we mention she’s done some acting too? High school theater, but still, that’s pretty impressive. Looks like the Van Damme genes run strong in this one.

If you want to learn more about Bianca’s badassery, check out this article.


What nationality is Bianca Brigitte Van Damme?

Bianca Brigitte Van Damme is Belgian-American.

How old is Bianca Brigitte Van Damme and how much does she weigh?

Jean Claude Van Damme’s daughter was born on the 17th of October, in the year 1990. Brigitte was born in Los Angeles, California in the United States. She is 33 years old. Her Zodiac sign is Libra.

Brigitte is 170 centimeters tall or 5′ 6” and weighs 58 kilograms or 127.87 pounds.

What is Bianca Brigitte Van Damme’ net worth

Some reports predict Brigitte’s net worth to be under $79 million in 2020. This is unverified though.

Is Bianca Brigitte Van Damme single or married?

Various reports claim Brigitte is single but she keeps her personal life very private so it may be that she is dating someone at the moment.

What does Bianca Brigitte Van Damme do for a living?

Brigitte takes on acting roles in Hollywood and has been featured in various films, documentaries, reality shows, and plays. She has been seen in Alien Uprising (2012), 6 Bullets (2012), and in Welcome to the Jungle (2013). Also, she became part of Paranormal Activity: Security Squad in 2014, playing the role of Phoenix.


Does Jean Claude Van Damme’s daughter also act?

Brigitte Van Damme has followed in her father’s footsteps when it comes to acting. She has taken acting roles in various movies directed by Dominic Burns. She has been seen in the following films: Soldiers (2010), Assassination Games (2011), Full Love (2014), and Fury of the Fist and the Golden Fleece (2018)

She plans to pursue her screen career more in the upcoming 2020 film, The Murder of Nicole Brown.

What are Bianca Brigitte Van Damme’s hobbies?

Bianca Brigitte Van Damme’s parents have encouraged her to do both sports and acting. She even went to a school for the arts to pursue her career in acting.

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