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Canadian Chameleon Kavan Smith: From Stargate to Love on the Menu

Discover the career of Canadian actor Kavan Smith, known for his roles in sci-fi series like Stargate and drama shows like When The Heart Calls.

The Canadian Chameleon: Kavan Smith

Kavan Smith is a Canadian actor who’s been in more TV shows than you’ve had hot dinners. He’s best known for his roles in sci-fi series like Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1, as well as dramas like When The Heart Calls. He’s been acting since 1993, so he’s got more experience than your grandma’s knitting needles.

Kavan’s dad raised him as a single father after his divorce, and he got his start in acting playing the lead in the Canadian drama series Destiny Ridge. Since then, he’s been a regular on TV shows like Smallville and The Twilight Zone.

Kavan Smith is a Canadian icon, affectionately known as the “Canadian chameleon” because he can play any role you throw at him. He’s currently starring in the lead role of the TV show Love On the Menu, where he plays a chef trying to save his restaurant by making deals. And get this – he’s also one of the writers of the show, along with Alex Wright. Talk about multi-talented!


What’s the latest on Kavan Smith?

Kavan Smith starred in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ “Big Sky River” alongside Emmanuelle Vaugier, which premiered on July 13, 2022. The movie was described as a “rip-roaring romance” by TVShowsAce. Smith also spoke about the movie in an interview with TVFanatic, where he talked about the beauty and subtle storytelling in the film.

Kavan continued to star in the popular Hallmark Channel series, “When Calls the Heart,” which premiered its ninth season on February 19, 2023. Smith plays the character Lee Coulter in the show, and he has spoken about his desire for the show to continue for a long time. He has also discussed the possibility of his character and his on-screen wife, Rosemary, having a baby in future seasons of the show.

Kavan is active on social media, where he often interacts with fans and shares updates on his projects. His official Facebook page has over 1,959 likes and 1,980 followers as of February 2023. He also has a Twitter account where he shares updates and interacts with fans, with his most recent tweet from August 7, 2022, where he thanked someone for sharing a picture of the “When Calls the Heart” cast celebrating the show’s 100th episode.

Where is Kavan Smith from?

Born on May 6, 1970, in Edmonton, Canada, Kavan is Canadian. He pursued higher education at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University.

How tall is Kavan Smith and how much does he weigh?

Standing at 5 feet 8 inches, Kavan Smith weighs around 174 pounds.

Who is Kavan Smith’s wife?

Kavan Smith is married to Corrine Clark. Kavan’s volunteer work in a treatment center led to him meeting Corrine. Not much is known about their marriage except that they are happy and their marriage has continued to blossom.

Kavan Smith and his wife


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What is Kavan Smith’s net worth?

Kavan’s stints on television and in films have allowed him to have a net worth of $800,000.


How many kids does Kavan Smith have?

After his marriage to Corrine Clark, they have had two children.

When was Kavan Smith born? 

Born in 1970, Kavan Smith is now 53-years-old.

How long have Kavan Smith And Corinne Clark been married?

Kavan Smith and Canadian casting director Corrine Clark were married on May 3, 2011. Other than those details, not a lot is known about their marriage.

Is Kavan Smith related to Ted McGinley?

Kavan and Ted almost have the same face. But they aren’t related to each other. They are known to be ‘brothers from a different decade’.


Was Kavan Smith on a soap opera?

Yes, Kavan Smith was cast on a soap opera with Pascale Hutton. The soap opera is entitled “When Calls the Heart”

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