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Kristina Pimenova: Ethnic Background and Net Worth ?

Discover Kristina Pimenova’s ethnic background and net worth. With millions of followers on social media, this Russian model’s net worth ranges from $1M to $10M.

What Made Kristina Pimenova Popular💖

When Kristina Ruslanovna Pimenova was 9 years of age, Women Daily claimed her to be “the most beautiful girl in the world.” As she continued to grow, she became the reigning queen for many brands as her endorsements were a testament to her beauty and fame. From almost a toddler to a child, she has achieved supermodel status, which has been criticized by many as characteristics of child abuse and exploitation, particularly from her mother who was always on top of her career. She would model for top brands such as Roberto Cavalli and Armani to name a few. Kristina was born on December 27, 2005, which means that she is 18-years-old.

Geared to success, her parents have engaged her in many pursuits such as gymnastics. Also, at one point, her mother was irked by comments from many critics saying that Kristina was growing up too fast with her fame and she would soon get exhausted.

Several YouTube videos would show how the young model rose to fame and how she was able to maintain her beauty throughout the years. She has also tried her skills and abilities in acting as she has been cast in movies such as The Russian Bride and Creators: The Past. 

Kristina Pimenova’s Best Photos📸


What’s Kristina Pimenova’s ethnic background? 🌍

Kristina’s parents are Ruslan Pimenov and Glikeriya Shirokova. Her dad was a soccer player, and her mom, like Glikeriya, was also a model. So, it’s safe to say that Kristina Pimenova is Russian. (source)

How much moolah does Kristina Pimenova have? 💷​

Kristina’s net worth is a bit of a mystery. Some say it’s around $1 million, while others claim it’s closer to $10 million. Either way, she’s raking in the dough with her massive social media following. She’s got millions of fans on Instagram and other platforms, and she’s signed with top modeling agencies like LA Models. (source)

What are Kristina Pimenova’s measurements?​🤷

From being a child star, Kristina is growing to be an even more perfect model as she now stands 5 feet 4 inches. Her estimated weight is 110 pounds.

Russian Super Model Kristina Pimenova


Where does Kristina Pimenova live?🏘️

With her features being perfect for a Caucasian female, it is difficult to easily identify the nationality of this amazing child star. However, from her success as a child model and celebrity, from Moscow in Russia, the family has moved to Los Angeles where much of her activities and pursuits as a model take place.

Kristina Pimenova with Korean-American child model, Ella Gross🥰​


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