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Markiplier’s Girlfriend: Amy Nelson’s Net Worth, Age, Height & More!

All your burning questions answered about YouTube sensation Markiplier’s Girlfriend Amy Nelson: Bio, Age, Height & More!


Amy Nelson Overview

Of the millions of YouTubers in the Internet today, to make it to the top 50 means that you have to have some kind of universal appeal. This is what Markiplier is; he is a YouTube sensation who took the YouTube scene by storm. Although his niche, which is gaming, is not something new, when he became a YouTube star, he took YouTube by storm with his unique gaming language and his relatable comments and often loud reactions when he plays. Markiplier is the 22nd most followed YouTuber; he has a net worth of $24 million; however, Markiplier is not alone in his life outside gaming. Since 2016, Markiplier has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Amy Nelson. Who is Amy Nelson? Let’s find out more. 

Known online as Peebles, Amy Nelson has always lived a life in the digital world. Amy is a graphic artist and animator. She hails from Cincinnati in Ohio, just like Markiplier. According to some sources, the two made their relationship public in a video and gaming convention at their home city in Cincinnati. At that time, Markiplier was already quite a known personality on YouTube. With her relationship with Markiplier, she started to have a huge following on social media. On Twitter alone, she has close to 83,000 followers. Amy also made her own YouTube channel called Planet Peebles. While Markiplier’s channel has a mind-blowing 24.4 million subscribers, Amy’s Planet Peebles following is not too shabby as she has 68k followers. In their YouTube channels, they have videos of the things they do that include playing videogames, of course, and doing random stuff such as putting makeup and goofing around. 


What is the nationality of Amy Nelson?

Amy was born in Cincinnati in Ohio. She is an American.      


How tall is Amy Nelson and how much does she weigh?

Amy Nelson is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She weighs around 122 pounds.                 


Is Amy Nelson married or single?

Amy Nelson is not married. She is the partner of YouTube gaming sensation Markiplier.    


How much is Amy Nelson’s net worth?

A couple of sources claim that Amy Nelson has a net worth of $350,000. 


How many kids does Amy Nelson have?

Amy Nelson doesn’t have kids.   


Who is Markiplier’s girlfriend? 

Markiplier’s girlfriend is Amy Nelson. She is a graphic artist; she is also an animator. She lived quite a private life before her relationship with Markiplier became known. Like Markiplier, she was born and raised in Cincinnati. However, these days, she lives in Los Angeles, California, together with Markiplier. It is in this city that they now make their gaming and other interesting videos. Known as a coffee lover, she, like Markiplier is an experienced blogger and a social media influencer. She first appeared in her boyfriend’s channel in one of his segment videos called “Don’t Laugh Challenge #5.”     


When did Markiplier get a girlfriend?

The exact date as to when Markiplier got a girlfriend is difficult to ascertain. Some say that he and Amy Nelson only met in November, 2016, when they were both attending a video and gaming convention. However, this wasn’t true as one of their friends posted a picture of them three online, saying that she (their friend) was happy to be in the presence of the couple, Markiplier and Amy. Thus, people now think that Markiplier and Amy were already together in 2015. Thus, to put all speculations to rest, Amy tweeted a picture of them two that was supposedly taken in 2015. Together with the post, she wrote “Oh, Jeez! What more do you want from us.”    


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