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Markiplier’s Girlfriend: Amy Nelson’s Net Worth, Age, Height & More!

Who is Markiplier’s girlfriend?

Markiplier, star of YouTube, demonstrates, via his niche – gaming, how suited he is to this genre. Relating directly to his audience, he elicits a loud and active following, garnering support for his unusual comedic style from across the globe. He is the 22nd most followed YouTuber, with a net worth of approximately $24 million. However, since 2016, Markiplier has had to share the limelight with his girlfriend, Amy Nelson.

Known online as Peebles, Amy Nelson has always lived a life in the digital world and is a graphic artist and animator. She hails from Cincinnati in Ohio, just like Markiplier. According to some sources, the two came out about their relationship at a gaming convention in their home city, Cincinnati.


Linked with Markiplier, Amy started to attract a huge following on social media. On Twitter alone, she has close to 83,000 followers. She also has her own YouTube channel – Planet Peebles with 68k followers, while Markiplier’s channel has a mind-blowing 24.4 million subscribers.

What else do we know about Amy Nelson? 

She lived a private life before her relationship with Markiplier hit the headlines. Like Markiplier, she was born and raised in Cincinnati. However, these days, she lives in Los Angeles, California, together with Markiplier. Known as a coffee lover, she, like Markiplier is an experienced blogger and a social media influencer. She first appeared on her boyfriend’s channel in one of his videos – Don’t Laugh Challenge #5.

When did Markiplier get a girlfriend?

The exact date as to when Markiplier got a girlfriend is difficult to ascertain. Some say that he and Amy Nelson only met in November 2016, when they were both attending a video and gaming convention. However, this cannot be accurately verified, and the pair are apparently starting to become tired of this question – Amy tweeted a picture of the two that was supposedly taken in 2015. Together with the post, she wrote “Oh, Jeez! What more do you want from us.”

What is the nationality of Amy Nelson?

Amy was born in Cincinnati in Ohio. She is American.

How tall is Amy Nelson and how much does she weigh?

Amy Nelson is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She weighs around 122 pounds.

Is Amy Nelson married or single?

Amy Nelson is not married. She is the partner of the YouTube gaming sensation Markiplier.

How much is Amy Nelson’s net worth?

Sources claim that Amy Nelson has a net worth of $350,000.

How many kids does Amy Nelson have?

Amy Nelson doesn’t have kids.

Amy Nelson with her boyfriend, Markiplier and their dogs!


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Markiplier and Amy Nelson’s Don’t Laugh Challenge #5 Video

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