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Discovering the Super Stylish Sonya Curry: Wife, Mother, Athlete, and Advocate for Education and Youth.

Identify who Sonya Curry is, wife to former NBA player Dell Curry and mother to basketball star Stephen Curry. Learn about her athletic background and charitable work.

Who is Sonya Curry?

Let’s start by introducing the powerhouse cast of athletes that Sonya Curry is related to. Sonya, a former athlete herself, is married to former NBA player Dell Curry and is the mother of one of the best basketball players of all time, the Golden State Warriors’ main star, Stephen Curry. She also has another son, Seth Curry, who plays in the NBA. Sonya played both volleyball and basketball during her high school years at Radford High School and later competed in volleyball for Virginia Tech University.

Sonya and Dell met at Virginia Tech and got married in 1988 before moving to North Carolina where their three children took up sports seriously. But Sonya is more than just a sports mom. She’s also a style icon, as you can see from her fashion choices. And despite her success, she remains grounded and devoted to advocacy work. Having experienced racism as a child, Sonya turned it around and set up an educational charitable institution for youth, the Christian Montessori School at Lake Norman, in 1995. So not only is she a super stylish mom, but she’s also a super cool and caring person.


What nationality is Sonya Curry?

Born in Virginia in the United States, Sonya Curry is an American.

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How tall is Sonya Curry and how much does she weigh?

Sonya has a suitable height for an athlete as she stands 5 feet 5 inches tall. She weighs around 120 pounds.

Is Sonya Curry married or single?

Sonya Curry got married in 1988. This means that in 2020, Sonya and Dell have been husband and wife for 31 years already. Coincidentally, Stephen Curry was born in 1988, which means that he is as old as his parents’ marriage.

How many kids does Sonya Curry have?

Sonya Curry has three kids. The two boys are Steph and Seth Curry. They have a sister – Sydel Curry, who is a volleyball player.


What is the net worth of Sonya Curry?

She is a mother to the athletic Currys, Sonya’s net worth is said to be 6 million. She lives with her husband in a beautiful estate in North Carolina.

What is the date of birth of Sonya Curry?

Born on May 30, 1966, Sonya is 57-years old.

Sonya Curry Talks About Raising Stephen Curry

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