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Fashion Icon Catherine “Capa” Mooty – Troy Aikman’s Gorgeous Wife😍

Who is Catherine “Capa” Mooty?🤔

The former American football player for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League, Troy Kenneth Aikman is married to the high-end fashion retailer Catherine “Capa” Mooty. Mooty was born on October 13, 1970 making her 52
years old. Her star sign is Libra. When the couple became engaged, Troy Aikman took to Instagram where he announced the good news, and not long after the two tied the knot at Biltmore Four Seasons in Montecito, California.

Before her marriage to Aikman, Catherine was married to Jerry Mooty, the nephew of the owner of Dallas Cowboys – that’s almost too close for comfort, Cathy dearest 😉😂😘

The couple had two sons, Val and Luke before they decided to end their marriage in 2013, with Catherine starting to see Aikman soon after. They dated for a year before exchanging vows on September 5, 2017, in Santa Barbara, California. According to reports, the wedding was beautiful and intimate, with a stunning beach as the backdrop.


What nationality is Capa Mooty?🌍

Capa Mooty was born in Dallas, Texas USA and her nationality is American.

What is her current weight?​🤷

She stands at 176cm or 5’10’’ tall. However, she hasn’t disclosed her weight.

How much is Capa Mooty’s net worth right now?💷

As a fashion icon, Capa has accumulated a vast amount of earnings out of her profession and her net worth is around 3 million dollars.

Is Capa Mooty married?💍

Mooty was previously married to Jerry Mooty, the nephew of the owner of Dallas Cowboys. Not long after, she divorced him and married the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Troy Aikman on September 5, 2017.

Does Capa Mooty have any children?👶

Yes! Capa currently has two sons from her previous relationship. Their names are Luke and Val and they’re both currently in high school.


What does Capa Mooty do for a living?🕵️‍♀️

Mooty has ventured with several businesses throughout her life before ultimately landing as a luxury fashion retailer. She co-owns Luxeliner, a mobile shop that sells fashion clothes, accessories, and gift items with four of her friends.

Capa’s latest tweets📲:

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