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Who Are Eric Harris’ Parents? – Wayne and Katherine Harris

The parents of the Columbine Massacre mass murderer Eric Harris, Wayne and Katharine Harris: How they were affected by the tragedy, and more

Who are Eric Harris’ parents?

Wayne Harris and Katherine Harris are the parents of the infamous mass murderer, Eric Harris. Before settling in Colorado in 1993, the family moved a lot from one state to another. This is due to Wayne’s work in the US Air Force. Before moving to Colorado for good, they lived in the states of Ohio, Michigan, and New York.


What nationality are Wayne and Katherine Harris?

Wayne and Katherine Harris are both of American nationality.

How old are Wayne and Katherine Harris?

There are no published details about the age and date of birth for both Wayne and Kathy Harris online. Understandably, they wanted to keep a low profile following the incident at Columbine.

What do Wayne and Katherine Harris do for a living?

At the time of Eric Harris’ attack and death at Columbine, Wayne Harris worked for the US Air Force as a transport pilot. He held 11 positions at 6 different bases during his active career in the Air Force.

It was one of the noteworthy reasons why the family moved a lot. He retired from the military in 1993 following the cutbacks. Katherine Harris, on the other hand, was a homemaker.

What is the net worth of Wayne and Katherine Harris?

There are no details available regarding the net worth of Wayne and Katherine Harris.

Are Wayne and Katherine Harris together or divorced?

Despite tremendous pressure on the family following the incident at Columbine, Wayne and Katherine’s marriage remained strong. They moved out of Littleton following the Columbine attacks, for obvious reasons.


Do Wayne and Katherine Harris have other children?

Yes. Wayne and Katherine Harris had one more son, Kevin. He is three years older than Eric. Kevin was also enrolled at Columbine when his brother (and Dylan Klebold) attacked the school.

What else do we know about Wayne and Katherine Harris?

Wayne and Katherine Harris were ‘well-described’ by their neighbors, both in Colorado and in the previous states they have lived. Many would describe them to be “great neighbors” and “always friendly”. Therefore, it was a surprise to those who knew the family, especially the parents, that the child was capable of doing such a heinous act.

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