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Who Are Aaron Judge’s Parents?

Everything that there is to now about the parents of acclaimed baseball star Aaron Judge, Patty and Wayne Judge: Their Own Careers, Adoption and More

Who are Aaron Judge’s Parents?

Aaron Judge is a decorated professional baseball player. He is American and plays for the New York Yankees in the Major League Baseball series. He is an outfielder, specifically a right fielder. Aaron was born to parents who did not want him. Luckily, Patty and Wayne Judge adopted him right after he was born. Patty and Wayne continue to be his loving parents to this day.

Aaron started playing baseball from a young age and moved up the ladder to be the Rookie of the Year in 2017. He was also in the running to be the AL Most Valuable Player. He ended up in second place. He has received many other accolades, such as the Silver Slugger Award in 2017, the AL home run leader in 2017, and the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year in 2019.

Aaron owes his success to his parents, as he says that he would never have reached the big leagues if they had not given him the chance to do so by adopting him.


What nationality are Aaron Judge’s parents?

Both Patty and Wayne are American.

How old are Patty and Wayne?

Patty and Wayne’s ages are not known to the public at the moment as they prefer to lead private lives. Everything known about them comes from Aaron himself.

What do Patty and Wayne do for a living?

Both parents’ jobs are known to be educators and they are based in California. They are assumed to be teachers as Aaron mentioned to reporters that he and his brother were not allowed to play any video games or watch television in their household. Studying was their priority.

What is the net worth of Aaron Judge’s parents?

Both parents’ net worth is unavailable at the moment. But it is assumed that their net worth is quite large because of their adoptive son’s $2 million net worth (estimated) brought on by his successful baseball career and brand deals with Adidas and Under Armour.

Are Patty and Wayne together or divorced?

Aaron’s parents are currently happily married and together.


Do Patty and Wayne have other children?

Aside from Aaron, Patty and Wayne have another son named John Judge. John was also adopted by Patty and Wayne from South Korea. John is Aaron’s older brother.

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