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Patrick Mahomes’ Parents – Pat Sr and Randi

All your questions answered about the parents of the baseball player Patrick Mahomes, Pat and Randi: The Inspiration Behind His Success

Who are Patrick Mahomes’ parents?

Patrick Lavon Mahomes, Sr. and Randi Martin are the parents of the popular Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes II, who is currently dating Brittany Matthews. The two reportedly got divorced when Patrick was only six years old but have remained civil towards each other. They are often seen watching the games of their superstar son together.

Aside from Patrick, the couple has two other children. These are Jackson Mahomes, who was born in September 2000 and is a TikTok celebrity, and their adorable daughter, Mia Randall.


What nationality are Patrick Mahomes’ parents?

Both of Patrick Mahomes’ parents are American citizens. Pat is African American while Randi is Caucasian.

How old are Pat and Randi?

Pat Mahomes, Sr. was born on August 9, 1970 and will be turning 50 years old this coming August 2020. On the other hand, Randi’s age, birthday, family background, and similar details remain a mystery. There is very limited information about her, and she doesn’t have social media accounts. Patrick, as her doting son, posts pictures of her from time to time on his social media accounts.

What do Pat and Randi do for a living?

Their current careers are unknown but Pat Mahomes was a professional baseball player for over a decade before he retired in 2009. Obviously, he passed on his athletic genes to Patrick. Pat introduced baseball to Patrick, who was actually quite good at it. But, ultimately, Patrick decided to opt for a career in football instead.

Although not a baseball superstar, Pat still made a name for himself as a pitcher when he was an active player. He played for several teams throughout his career in Major League Baseball. These teams include the New York Mets, Yokohama BayStars, Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, Pittsburgh Pirates, Texas Rangers, and Chicago Cubs.

Randi was a homemaker. She was in charge of taking care of the kids and putting their home in order. It is not known whether she pursued a career after she divorced Pat.

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