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Ireland Baldwin: Life as the Daughter of Hollywood Giants

Read about Alec Baldwin’s daughter, Ireland Eliesse Baldwin, her battles with emotional trauma, and her advocacy for women and animal rights.

What’s the deal with Alec Baldwin’s daughter, Ireland?

Ireland Eliesse Baldwin is the full name of Alec Baldwin’s firstborn. Her name is inspired by her dad’s Irish ancestry, which is mostly Irish with a dash of English and French.

Now, being a gorgeous blonde model and actress like Ireland is one thing. But being the daughter of two Hollywood heavyweights like Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger is a whole other ballgame. With her stunning figure, beautiful face, sparkling eyes, and celebrity aura, Ireland is the epitome of perfection. But despite all of her amazing qualities, she’s had to deal with her dad’s emotional outbursts, personal struggles, and the pressure to look a certain way.

At one point, during Alec and Kim’s divorce, Alec called Ireland some pretty nasty names. But they’ve since patched things up and now have a healthy relationship. Although, Alec still can’t resist commenting on her sexy social media posts from time to time.

Ireland has also faced some heartbreaks that have pushed her to the brink. She’s even gone through emotional rehab to better herself. Despite being one of the most beautiful Guess models, she’s faced some tough times due to people’s expectations of her body and looks. But now, Ireland is an advocate for women, encouraging them not to let others dictate their worth. She’s also a champion for animal and pet rights, working with various organizations to ensure their safety and well-being.


How old is Ireland Baldwin? And where was she born?

Alec Baldwin’s daughter, Ireland Baldwin, was born on Monday October 23, 1995 in Los Angeles. People who are born October 23 are considered Libra-Scorpio cusp. She is now 28 years old. This could explain Ireland’s unpredictable nature, being that she has Scorpio and Libra qualities.

How tall is Ireland Baldwin? And how much does she weigh?

Alec Baldwin stands at 6 feet tall. It comes as no surprise that his daughter, Ireland, is tall as well at 6’1”. Kim Basinger, her mom, has an above-average height herself at 5 feet 7 inches, or 1.73m/173cm. Ireland looks very tall when she’s seen with her dad as she usually wears boots and stilettos to go with her outfit. Ireland weighs around 140 pounds the equivalent of 63.5kg

What nationality is Alec Baldwin’s daughter?

Although the Baldwins have Irish, French, and English ancestry, Alec Baldwin was born in New York, while his daughter Ireland Baldwin was born in Los Angeles. They are American.

Is Ireland Baldwin married or single?

Ireland Baldwin is not married. It is believed that she is currently dating the music artist Corey Harper. Before Harper, Ireland dated female rapper Angel Haze. Many from the LGBTQ community felt encouraged by their relationship. However, the relationship turned sour, resulting in emotional trauma for Ireland.

What is Ireland Baldwin’s net worth?

Ireland Baldwin is a famous for being a model and has a estimated net worth of $1 million. This comes from her work as an actress and model. She has done some hosting and DJ work as well.


How many kids does Ireland Baldwin have?

There are no rumours that Alec Baldwin’s daughter has any children of her own, we all wonder for how long this will be?

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