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Who Is Alexandra Steele?

Get all the answers to everything that you ever wanted to know about Alexandra Steele: Her journey to success, net worth, secret husband and so much more!

Alexandra Steele Overview

Alexandra Steele is a charming weathercaster and meteorologist working for the Weather Channel. Other than the Weather Channel, Steele previously worked in ABC News, Prime Time Live, CNN, and other well-known TV channels.

Steele first worked in a small local station in Washington D.C as a meteorologist. Later on, she built up a career in one of ABC affiliate TV stations, WJLA, and started her work as a weather forecaster. Her talent was noticed and her hard work paid off when she was offered a job in ABC News. She appeared and sometimes hosted the Good Morning America show and Primetime Live. Her career blossomed and she was hired to co-anchor Jim Cantore at the Weather Center Live. The two replaced previous anchors, Mike Bettes and Stephanie Abrams.

Alexandra Steele returns to the Weather Channel


What nationality is Alexandra Steele?

Being born in Albany, New York, Alexandra is an American.

How old is Alexandra Steele?

Alexandra Steele was born in 1969, on the 17th of February, making her an Aquarius. She is now 52 years old.

How much does Alexandra Steele weigh?

Alexandra weighs around 130 lbs or 58 kilos and is 5’10’’ or 178 cm tall.

What is Alexandra Steele’s net worth?

Alexandra’s net worth is at $1 million from working as a meteorologist and weather reporter for TV channels such as the Weather Channel, ABC News, Primetime Live, and CNN.

Is Alexandra Steele single or married?

Steele keeps her personal life away from the public. It is said that she is married but her husband was kept a secret. She also went absent on TV when she gave birth to her daughter who was born in October 2008. It is rumored that Alexandra could have been dating or possibly even married to American Meteorologist, Jim Cantore, as they spent a lot of time on screen together and Jim had recently separated from his wife, Tamara at the time.


What does Alexandra Steele do for a living?

Alexandra is a weather reporter and meteorologist in numerous well-known channels. Aside from being a Weather Channel anchor, she also worked as a meteorologist on CNN for one year. Her short stint made her gain more fans. In 2014, she returned to The Weather Channel and is still working there as of the moment.

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