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The Mysterious Personal Life of Alexandra Steele: Is She Married or Single?

Uncover the mystery of Alexandra Steele’s personal life – is she single or married? Find out the rumors about her possible relationship with Jim Cantore.

The Story of Alexandra Steele

Alexandra Steele is the Weather Channel’s much-loved weathercaster and meteorologist. Steele previously worked on ABC News, Prime Time Live, CNN, and other well-known TV channels.

Steele began her rise to fame at a small local station in Washington D.C., before moving on to ABC affiliate station WJLA. Her hard work paid off when she was offered a job at ABC News. Appearing on, and sometimes single-handedly hosting Good Morning America and Primetime Live. Her career blossomed and she was hired to co-anchor with popular host Jim Cantore on the Weather Center Live. The two replaced previous anchors, Mike Bettes and Stephanie Abrams.


What nationality is Alexandra Steele?

Being born in Albany, New York, Alexandra is an American.

Is Alexandra Steele hitched or flying solo?

Well, well, well, it seems that Ms. Steele is keeping her personal life under lock and key. We don’t even know if she’s taken or not! What we do know is that she welcomed a little bundle of joy in October 2008, but she’s kept the identity of the father a mystery. Rumor has it that she might have been cozying up to fellow weather guru, Jim Cantore, who had recently split from his wife Tamara. But, alas, we have no concrete evidence to confirm or deny this juicy gossip.

What does Alexandra Steele do for a living?

Alexandra is a weather reporter and meteorologist across several TV channels. Aside from being a Weather Channel anchor, she appeared as a meteorologist on CNN for one year, before returning to her previous role.

How old is Alexandra Steele?

Alexandra Steele was born in 1969, on the 17th of February, making her an Aquarius. She is now 54 years old.

How much does Alexandra Steele weigh?

Alexandra weighs around 130 lbs or 58 kilos and is 5’10’’ or 178 cm tall.


What is Alexandra Steele’s net worth?

Alexandra’s net worth is at $1 million from working as a meteorologist and weather reporter for TV channels such as the Weather Channel, ABC News, Primetime Live, and CNN.

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